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  1. Drunk Donald Trump

    He does sound more lucid,being DRUNK!!!!! HAHA what an donkey rectum!!!!
  2. Autoflower

    I am going to try all autoflowering strains for my next grow. Anyone have any advice? What type of light schedual? 18/6 12/12 . temps? I have a basement grow room. I have a dehumidifier. I'm going to have 4 Girl Scout Cookies and 4 Durban Poison. Thanks in advance.
  3. Gorilla Glue #4 - Where To Find?

    I found G G seeds. PM and I will tell you the source.
  4. I Accept The Vote Out Come! What Say You!

    I am depressed. I refuse to watch or listen to the orange crazy thing. I watch netflix, take care of my people and slf medicate. I will peak out to the rest of the world after the impeachment, or in four years, which ever comes first. I will however communicate with my brothers and sisters in Grow. Musicjock
  5. Patient Donation For Meds.

    Considering the $ I have invested in this project; it's mind boogling to think of a commerical operation. I'm so pleased to see all the posts to my question. Now I won't feel like a meany when I say NO to free. I still have openings anyone have any tips on getting patients ? Thanks, Musicjock
  6. Patient Donation For Meds.

    I am a new caregiver. I have posted a classified looking for patients. I have talked to inquiring people wanting to know how much" free" do they receive a month. This is a standard question. I explain to them I have a lot of $ invested in equipment,utilities etc. I can't afford to give away meds. How do other caregivers address this issue?
  7. # Of Caregivers Per Address

    I was told two growers in the same place is ok, but each person must have a locked door to their respective patient plants.
  8. Looking For Caregiver (Kalamazoo)

    I am a caregiver in kazoo. I have flower currently. I am interested in learning about concentrates. email Thanks Renee (No emails in the open forums for safety reasons please contact this poster via the private message center on the website)