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  1. Two days here and: 26 replies, 328 views but only one welcome. Thank you Restorium2. To the rest of you - not a real friendly community are you? You're saying the international forums are better than a good old MICHIGAN forum? No excuse. Harvest season. Come on. 31,564 members and only 10 online. That's 0.032% of total membership. No excuse. An honest reply. Thank you WET. If other members were chased away it's up to leadership to bring them back. Are they? "Look it up, Dipshit!" Wow!! Not everyone has the same skill level when it comes to growing. We were all new growers at one time. I've been growing on and off for 40 years ( hydro and organic soil) and would never tell someone to look it up. Then you have this one. He loves to argue and be an idiot. I would say he's a short bus rider but I wouldn't want to insult the other riders. What Needs Changed: This forum needs to look at other successful forums (lots out there) and incorporate some of their ideas. Leadership needs to be more proactive and not so passive. Not even a welcome from them. It appears I made a mistake coming here. Please delete my account.
  2. Hello MMMA, Another website I belong to has 71,000 members with 185 members & 900 guests visiting it now. This website has 31,563 members but only 8 members & 60 guests visiting it now. Where's all the people?
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