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  1. Well i was banned for no reason other than being a trump voter and i was a 7 year member. And mabey if you didnt rip every post apart id post more.
  2. Ive been a member here since the start and i find it sickening how 3 or 4 members have destroyed this place. It is sad, so much hate and bickering that most times this site is dead or behind in the news. I get more mm news from 9 and 10 than here and we used to be the leaders on news about our cause. Now all we want to do is trash talk voters, trash talk members for everything from being poor or not smart enough, i for one am tired of it. This place was the leader in michigan medical marihuana news and now we are lucky to see 5 new topics a week, and even luckier to see 2 of the 5 topics not turn into a bash fest.
  3. Wow, way to keep new people on the forum,wtf is wrong with this picture? Guy says hello and gets attacked like he is some kind of degenerate, you dont know him or his entire story so who are you to judge?
  4. My rooms only have 1, 20 amp 120 line i can use. And im close to overloading that line. Thanks for the comments, ill look for help elsewhere.
  5. The wire is in a detached garage, the garage has its own 200a service. The wire used to run a heater that the previous owner removed, it is a 40a breaker.after talking to a friend who does electrical work at my shop he suggested putting a 220 outlet on the wire coming out of the wall and making a extention wire from there to my new control box. My goal is to reduce the 120 load i have now so i can run my ac.
  6. I have a 1000w a 600w and a 400w i want to convert and that is all i want to run on 220.
  7. Im running 2000w and the wire is pretty big about the size of my pinky finger. I will be running around 14amps. I think i am just going to take the wire coming out of the wall and put a outlet on it. From there i will run 10/3 wire to my new control box.
  8. Wondering if anyone here has any experiance hooking up a 220v sub panel. I want to convert my system to 220 and have 220v coming out of a wall 20 feet from my room. I got a small 30a sub panel with 2 15a breakers and cant figure how to wire it. The box has 2 spaces for breakers and a bar for neutral, what i cant figure out is where the 2 hot wires go. Each breaker has its own connection and best i can figure is i would have to wire a hot to each breaker and the ground to my outlets. So 1 outlet would be on 2 breakers...is that right?
  9. I felt like i built a pretty good light with good components, light meter readings(cheap meter) show twice the intensity of the hps at similar distances but i cant keep them as close as my aircooled hps due to light bleaching and light stess. So to me it seems that my hps still wins imo. The led plants did have positive differences like slightly faster flowering,slightly better colors, tops were smaller but slightly more sparkle. Im not done experimenting with them yet but i wont replace the tried and true.
  10. Well after 3 cycles with the led cobs i built, i think right now hps is still the best option for bang for your buck....
  11. I hope its good cause i have a seed of it going into rotation in a few months
  12. Do we need to send copies of our cards and ids for this change?
  13. Ok thank you sir, you are a great help
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