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  1. You don't have the correct choice there for me. See, it's the attitude that's the problem. What did I lie about now? What post did you see? You never show me what you are talking about and you seem to stretch the truth quite a bit. What r u talking about now? Please link to what you are talking about when you are saying I "lied". Jumping on someone's first post and posing the question how you did is jumping off the handle. What if I started asking personal questions of you first post and accused you of being me in their first thread? Is asking an older woman her age an appropriate first question? just because you think it's legitimate doesn't mean it's socially acceptable. As a person with aspergers I don't think I should have to be explaining this to you like it was taught to me.
  2. I just think you should take a break. you don't seem to have the same fun you used to have here before. you jump down everyones throat too easily. I think you need a self imposed break. It did me good. I joined in dec and didn't start flying off the handle till that CBD thread. the break did me good.
  3. One person pulled all those bans as far as I know, not them. The pms I have got from people over the time I've been here have told a different story. There was only one person who decided to ban me. I don't think trolled means what you think it does. See, you trolled me by bringing something up from a 2 year dead thread just to get into an argument with me. I react to false information. One is trolling and the other is not. I asked Resto questions in that Milegalize thread about supporting others in the fight. I never came in and picked fights. You should really take a break Mal, you seem to fly off the handle a lot when you come here. Now you are starting to troll the site with people like me for your pleasure, making a lot of people think this site isn't worth posting in anymore. No one is telling me that they don't like posting here because of me. Like I said, we all got kicked out and newbs are still being run off left and right. Look in the mirror. Look someone said the sites going downhill and not much is posted here anymore and you came in and corrected them and yelled at them and they never even named you. Your throwing punches left and right.
  4. May have been my last cannabis cup. Had to park in a muddy field. Took over an hour to get in and I even met someone tehre who had been standing in line and saved me a place. Took over 1/2 hour to get to teh place after stopped traffic at 1 mile down Dort Highway. Would've taken longer if I hadn't taken teh right lane past the traffic back up to get to the other lot, which didn't have a line. Both entrances converged into one bridge to get to overflow parking in a field with corn cob stubs still in it. And parking went up to $15 this year and the people taking money were volunteers, don't know if they paid anyone to assist parking Couldn't hear friends right next to me while in the speedway area or overflow vending. Packed all the way around. They've started to make it a cash grab. No t-shirts with the VIP pass and no swag bag. When I decided to leave about 430, cars were still out to the road backed up waiting to get in. Took 1/2 hour to get out of teh lot because all roads were still trying to take people in and there was no way to get out. Highlight was using a pneumatic press to squash some buds to oil. Space Glue(GG#4 hermied and pollinated a female Space Dawg). The most incredible dab I've ever had. Gave the rest to Droman because it was a little too much for me. Felt like I was trippin tryin to walk thru all those people afterwards. I'm definitely getting a press though. Lack of heat and the incredible return I got are teh reasons. Will save money on solvent also but the taste was out of this world. That's the main reason. Seems to be much easier than running iso and boiling off and finishing. And again, the return from 3 small buds was amazing. I'm sold now I just gotta research which one I want. the 6 or 8 ton press is about 3k. Not interested in spending that much but I'll have to see what the return is on the smaller ones. I may end up skipping the cup and just doing the country fairs from here out.
  5. Seriously though, How many people have been kicked off that had problems with Mal and Resto? Me Grassmatch, Phaq, Suneday, droman and how many people say they don't post anymore because of the bickering even though all of us were gone? How many just stopped posting and don't say anything? If you want this to be a safe place for anyone who only thinks like Mal and Resto, why not make a test to admit people to the site? Why not post it or warn people outright? And who's the one trolling?
  6. Well, they keep trying to kick out people who don't think like them. Funny thing is the ones left behind are teh ones who disagree with everyone and start the problems. Mal just admitted he does it. He's here to start problems. Resto too. Throwing "facts" around about CBD and outdated info on decarbing on a hot plate. At least Zap found info showing CBN isn't created that quick with heat. The troublemakers run the site though. What can you do. Resto is protected from on high. Things won't change till they do. I was gone for a long time and every newbie that came in has had a run in with those 2. It's all there in the posts.
  7. Where, what posts? You love to try and say I was wrong and when I look it up it makes you look even worse than if you just left it alone. Many people didn't think the dems were that much against legalization and it was only because of Bernie that the "path to legalization" came about and it only passed by one vote. Now where was I trolling Resto before teh CBD thread? Can u post some links cause you definitely stretch the truth a LOT. I may have said something in passin but I really don't think I said anything here till the CBD thread. And you're definition of trolling is disagreeing with you! All of this "trolling" you point out is simply showing where you guys are wrong. CBD doesn't give anyone headaches. Resto made that up from ditch weed!!!!! That's the "trolling" your talking about. Just because you tell people to vote in the primaries doesn't mean your method would work. Most politicians are corrupt scum that would walk into the arena of getting elected. you just like telling people what to do and acting your arrogant, know it all self when people dont listen to you. You think you have everything figured out and if people would just listen to you they'd do ok. This is why you see everyone as trolling you and butt heads with so many people especially newbs. You and Resto CONSTANTLY try to "protect this forum" from anyone elses view but your own.
  8. Sorry, individually I don't care what you or Mal think. If there are more that want me gone than here I'll leave. Thanks Resto, just jump right out there and show your hate for people who are on your side. Push more people away from teh movement cause they "don't think like you". The reason you want me gone is because I point out when you are wrong.
  9. Only one personality and user ID Resto, just ANHEMP since the other account was locked without warning. Paranoid much. You and mal are starting to sound like each other. Are you sure you guys are 2 different people? If this website had a system to give people warnings this would've never happened. I even said I have a hard time with social cues and if you guys didn't want me here I'd leave, just ask. But instead it was a lockout with no warning. Someone flew off teh handle and freaked out over things I said, which were not threatening or condescending or against the terms of service. I even contributed to the site once. And what about Mal's admission he brought stuff up just to troll me. Wonder how often he does that. Maybe he does it for fun to lots of people here. Something to think about especially if it drives off members, contributors and people we could stand to gain for the movement. Maybe he does it for that purpose. He seems to state a lot of things as reason which are easily seen as false by his posts.
  10. Childish but fun for me. Still won't cover you from being the anti you and the dems are though. Nice attempt at covering your stance on guns. Thanks, gave me something to do while I was bored. Tired now though i think I've proved you wrong enough tonight.
  11. And the head of the party wasn't on board for more than sched 2 and a "path" to legalization. Sched 2 or 3 wasn't listed in teh platform. Wake up and lighten up. We aren't your enemies here. Every newb and republican isn't trolling you and I'm not trolling anyone I'm doing damage control with some of the attitudes around here trying to keep this place to themselves with no differing opinions cause they can't handle it.
  12. Norby and this one. Not to troll, I got kicked out with no warning and no time to get contacts from the friends I made here so I made a new account to get their emails and never planned on posting. When people started calling CBD not medicine I couldn;t hold my tongue. You never knew it was me in that debate till resto figured it out. And now you think I have more accounts cause your paranoid you didn't see it the first time. I know you did that thread to be a troll and an anti. I'm not stupid. You'll do anything to push your clashes with people whether it means bad news for this site, the mmma, the movement, etc. Why do you think I'm ttrying to bring rep and dems together here. You just want to drive R's out so this is a "safe Place". Divided we stand and you just push and push that divide. which is why we clash.
  13. 81-80 vote with dems saying it went too far. Sanders was the Independent that got teh language in and the dems DIDN"T want to do it. ANd it happened last year. Where are these lies you talk about. Just cause you say it doens't make it true. What I say is true. You're having a little trouble there though gleaming the reality of your party. It just happened last year Mal are you saying thats a lie? http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article91968027.html Last year this year, whatever, it's been in the last year. Oops I was wrong, sorta and you'll jump on any insignificant thing you can won't you.
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