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  1. I should have quoted highlander, I didnt mean trump made them jobs, yes they have been lacking construction workers since the housing market startine getting better, and yes under obama! my post was meaning not all kids have to get a college degree to get a decent paying job, im a retired union construction worker, it did me good, yes in my later yrs I wish I would have gotten an education to be able to get into better paying jobs, but im not a desk jockie kind of person!
  2. Read the want adds there are alot of construction jobs, most say experience helps but will train! They have been complaining that they dont have enough workers in the building trades! all you need is to be able to learn and be reliable and it pays pretty good most of the time!
  3. Are you saying he isnt doint what could help get jobs back to this country, he said he wants to get the taxes down for the middle class and businesses to around 15 to 20% and if company's build parts out of country they will be taxed at 35% or more, build in america and buy america, probably 75% of things I own say made in china! Im going to be alot more diligent in not buying chinese goods! I know I cant buy all american but maybe one day we all will be working in the u.s and buying u.s goods! I agree with the 3 executive orders he signed on monday!
  4. It sounds like there is a bunch of paranoid people in here. hitler lol!
  5. I wet trim most of the leaves when I hang them, it helps the budds dry faster, I do a final trim when the budds are dry enough to put in a paper bag or box and news paper for a night or two, after that I put them in jars and start curing! It is so much easier to trim wet!
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