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  1. They probably just got caught on a lazy day. Every grower has had them. Just didn't get around to changing the filter
  2. Agreed... It's sad.... Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do...
  3. Is a plant in its vegetative state considered a controlled substance?
  4. Here's the thing my case is in Oakland county I live in Detroit. The police came in and didn't even document how many plants were in the house. I guess they just seen that everything was legal ave said, "meh". In the report they only state that plants were found in the basement. I wonder how I can protect myself and they were so vague. I contend that everything was locked up per my roommates roommates statements. The predisposition hasn't said anything regarding how the plants were stored. Only that they were in the house. If this is the case then I should be protected by section 4 right? Especially since another card holder is willing to state on the record that all plants were his, in his area of control, and that I had no knowledge of their existence??!!
  5. My roommate is willing to say they are his. He's signed a notarized statement saying they are his ave I had no knowledge they were there.
  6. No I did not have access I had no key to the room. I gave them a key to my home they then unlocked the basement door, I didn't even know the plants were there. They were there 6 days counting the day they were removed. I was shot in my back on the right side, the bullet went through and hit my left ring finger shattering it.
  7. I know the finished product is that's not hanging. But the actual plant itself before it's finished? Is that considered a controlled substance? Drug paraphernalia?
  8. Thanks bax and briefcase joe! Question, my violation was for possession of marijuana plants. Condition 2.4 states I must not possess any controlled substance or drug paraphernalia. Is a plant considered either of those??
  9. Special condition 2.4 of my probation states: You must not use or possess any controlled substances or drug paraphernalia, unless prescribed for you by a licensed physican, or be with anyone you know to possess these items. I knew about the weed on thanksgiving but no idea about the plants and my violation is for possession of plants. I had an attorney but she was so unprofessional and unprepared at court that I fired her so I'm looking for another one.
  10. Oh!! They confiscated no plants, paraphernalia, or equipment! No charges were filed...
  11. I was placed on 18 months probation on 9/21/15 for fleeing and eluding no drugs were involved I have never had a substance abuse problem and never committed a substance abuse crime. In 11/25/16 while on probation I was robbed/shot in my home for casino winnings. While in the hospital I gave detectives my house keys to investigate the shooting. They found an empty jar on the table that had weed in it from Thanksgiving the day before and 11 plants in the basement that had been there for 6 days without my knowledge. Both items belonged to my roommate whose had his mmmp card since 11/15/16 and he has signed a notarized statement to those facts. I have no other violations and completed all other requirements. After I received the violation details I had to beg, borrow, and deal too come up with $4,300 for my fees which I did. I went to court and they want me to do 7 months in jail and 18 months more on probation! I also have my mmmp card and have had it since 2/1/15 well before I committed this crime. Any advice?? Thank you guys!
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