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  1. I'm really starting to think people don't read my posts to understand what I'm saying. People only read my posts to argue with me. I kinda already said that I've realized that we are not on the same page. Again my only intention is to continue to make a living doing what we love to do. If there is an alternative to becoming a commercial entity I'm all for it.
  2. Also i don't view other caregivers as a threat. Only big corporations.
  3. Whoa that's where you are wrong. I have no intentions of eliminating anyone as competition. I came here thinking we were all on the same page. I learned otherwise.
  4. What is it currently being spent on?
  5. Your definition of progression is different from mine.
  6. Saying that I want to get rich off of sick people is us being on the same page? I disagree.
  7. I'm not going argue with you about what my intentions are. There is no point in that. I don't see the problem in being able to make a living doing we like to do and what we are good at.
  8. You have your interpretations and I have my intentions. Sorry they are not one in the same.
  9. There you go assuming again. What's the point of me saying anything if you're just going to tell my what my intentions are? Most of my patients are family members and I don't have to charge them anything because I sell to dispensaries. How is that not caring? I cover my cost in other ways so that I don't have to charge them. I have been lead to believe that caregiving with be abolished so therefore I need to find another way to continue my way of life. So please if you wanna know what my intentions are, just ask instead of making up stuff. That's all that I ask.
  10. It's public information. Go to their website.
  11. I though men were less emotional than women. I never once said caregivers are useless or even implied that at all. I was asking how are caregivers going to survive after the laws change. Those were valid questions, but the men on here are making up their own intentions. Somehow you are missing the fact that I am a caregiver. So how the hell do I think they're useless? I don't know why I have to defend myself against things I never even said.
  12. PInconning's ordinance is trying to do that very thing. Control caregivers as well. That part I don't understand.
  13. I haven't? When have I said anything else about it? I said nothing more about whether a caregiver can sell to a patient. Therefore you are badgering me.
  14. Greg do you even understand what the disagreement is about?
  15. Nope not at all. I have a husband to argue with.
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