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  1. Zombie accounts from the past changing their avatars? It's been going on for quite a while too. Who knows?
  2. Looks to me like a study to drive profits for Dr. Amens clinics. But they do offer an "Easy Payment Plan".
  3. I'd bet that "using cannabis" would be totally morally acceptable.
  4. What's up with all the zombie account pic updates?

  5. I'd like to think he and the others are just unaware of the hurt this will cause; but experience leads me to believe otherwise.
  6. So no more medicine for cancer treatment? Are these folks running for office unopposed?
  7. I didn't know edibles smell like marijuana.
  8. Covert CIA plot to wait until Fidel Castro dies of old age successful >> Langley, VA – A decades-long plot to get Cuban dictator Fidel Castro to pass away peacefully in his sleep has come to fruition, according to a statement from the CIA. “We are proud to announce that our 53 years of patience have finally paid off,” said CIA spokesperson Ryan Trimarchi. “It seems silly in retrospect, but when President Kennedy first approved the plan there were many detractors who said it would fail.”<< more
  9. With Sessions appointment to AG, does marijuana legalization go up in smoke?>> When Jeff Sessions sits before his colleagues in the United States Senate for his confirmation early next year, you're certain to hear again about a joke he told decades ago. It came up in his last confirmation hearing in 1986, when the Senate rejected his appointment to the federal bench. Paraphrasing here, but what Sessions is said to have said went something like this ... I didn't think the Klan were such bad guys until I found out they smoked marijuana. Sessions has said that he meant it as a joke and
  10. Report: Colorado weed is now a behemoth with a $2.4 billion economic impact >>Colorado’s burgeoning legal marijuana industry has quickly made gains on the state’s largest industries — including the mighty oil-and-gas sector — and contributed an economic impact of $2.39 billion in 2015, according to research released Tuesday. The cannabis industry, the fastest-growing business sector in the state, also is credited with funding 18,005 direct and ancillary full-time jobs in 2015, according to the report from the Marijuana Policy Group, a Denver-based economic and market research firm th
  11. >>During an on-stage Q & A session with Xerox’s chairman and CEO in March 2014, Clinton used Wall Street terminology to express her opposition to ending cannabis prohibition “in all senses of the word”: URSULA BURNS: So long means thumbs up, short means thumbs down; or long means I support, short means I don’t. I’m going to start with — I’m going to give you about ten long-shorts. SECRETARY CLINTON: Even if you could make money on a short, you can’t answer short. URSULA BURNS: You can answer short, but you got to be careful about letting anybody else know that. They will bet agai
  12. “The independents who don’t know what to do and who should they pick, I say if you tend to lean towards progressivism and liberalism and you know you are interested in expressing yourself, you can vote for the Green Party,” he told host Thomas Roberts on MSNBC Monday. http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/299044-ron-paul-to-independents-vote-green-party-nominee
  13. “Anecdotally we have lots of evidence in…epilepsy but also in autism, in stimulating appetite for people who are on intensive chemotherapy regimens, for people who have non-epilepsy seizure disorders and challenges,” Chelsea Clinton said on Saturday. “But we also have anecdotal evidence now from Colorado where some of the people who were taking marijuana for those purposes, the coroner believes, after they died, there was drug interactions with other things they were taking.” http://www.marijuana.com/blog/news/2016/09/chelsea-clinton-implies-marijuana-can-kill-you/
  14. http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=new_post&f=34
  15. Especially if it applied to all LEOs with guns? I think that's a good idea.
  16. PSYCHOSEMANTICS Don't bother looking it up. Most of you, have got the clue.
  17. You'll do great with hydro, no matter which medium or system you choose. A couple of tips that might help. Take a look at the "Lucas method" . Easy, cheap, and very effective. Been using it in various systems with various crops for a decade or so. I recycle my "waste" by checking the ppm (dwc waste water can get pretty "hot" and need dilution), and adjusting the ph to then grow beans, tomatoes, and peppers outdoors. Also, I keep a back-up plant in an organic dirt grow, just in case. And I still prefer the taste of pot and tomatoes grown in dirt. Beans and peppers, not much of a dif f
  18. Me too, but those little balls are showing up all over the place. They seem to just roll away and hide then show up in the tomato garden or compost bin, Next time I'll get the expanded clay "chunks".
  19. On the stump, Bernie Sanders makes pitch for legal pot in California>>“It makes sense to legalize marijuana at this particular point," Sanders told supporters this week on a dusty softball field at a park in East Los Angeles where, like at many of his outdoor events in California, a slightly pungent pot aroma wafted through the air. “So if I were here in your state, I would vote yes on that issue."<< http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-sanders-california-pot-support-20160527-snap-story.html
  20. Has anybody played with DMSO and cannabis for topicals? I've tried coconut, olive, and hempseed oils as well as iso and even Absorbine Jr. and they all work somewhat.depending on what you're treating. Deep transdermal therapy for arthritic pain is what I need. So far it's olive oil for pain rub, coconut oil for skin rub, and hempseed oil for aioli. .
  21. Illinois House passes marijuana decriminalization bill https://www.illinoispolicy.org/illinois-house-passes-marijuana-decriminalization-bill/ >>On May 18, the Illinois House voted to move Illinois to ticket-based penalties for possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana. If the governor signs Senate Bill 2228, instead of making arrests, police will start issuing tickets ranging from $100 to $200 per offense. Previously, anyone caught with 10 grams or less of marijuana could have been charged with a misdemeanor, resulting in a fine of up to $1,500 and possible jail time of up to six m
  22. Very much like '68. Philly this summer is gonna be hot. I've got seven extra "Guy Fawkes' masks and an "I Think We're All Bozos on this Bus" bumper sticker. Anybody got a van they don't need?
  23. How Much Is Too Much Marijuana to Drive? Lawmakers Wonder>>The study, commissioned by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, found that laws in six states that legally assess impairment by measuring how much THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) is in a person’s blood are not supported by science.<< http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/14/us/marijuana-driving-laws.html?_r=0
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