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  1. thank you for your help will watch vidio again maybe they were to lose in rooter
  2. should i try to get them to root in straight water till i get roots ?
  3. i have only used tap water in the spray bottle but i soaked the rapid rooter plugs in cold water and a very small amount of clonex put them in ff soil
  4. wow reading this post i feel really lucky i got my hard card in 6 days
  5. was looking for some advice i took cuttings from my sour grape mother plant two weeks ago did everything the tuts said to do they were looking healthy under t5 lights i did not put under a dome at all i lightly sprayed them three times a day they are still green but are drooping i have them in rapid rooter plugs and in foxfarm soil not sure if they rooted yet but im still spraying them is it possible the roots have taken and im watering them to much ?
  6. i am new here was just wondering if anyone in the erie michigan area that can help with making a grow room in my home im on disability and dont have much money but i want a safe and leagal grow area and have no clue what should be done there is way to many options out here and im so confused any help would be awsome
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