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  1. Well the sad part is. Very few said welcome to the boards. Instead decided to do what most of you complained about me. Bringing in politics. So I guess the main reason I came here, and all of you are here is mute. Yes I read lots of posts before joining. And I wanted to make it clear of who I am. I'm proud to be me. I've worked hard most of my life. I have a wife of 34 years and 2 grown kids doing well with their lives. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I strive everyday to be more Christ like. I've not cast judgement on any of you, but many of you have cast judgement on me. Why because I'm a Re
  2. WOW I'm not me? Well if you guys need me to prove it someway, let me know,
  3. Having been through the process and know others who are. Many that are shouldn't be. Many that should be give up. They run you into the ground. Until doctor make the decisions on health care and disability, things will never change in the area. As in everything in life. There is good and bad, fair and unfair. Some see no problem taking what they shouldn't. While others won't take what they need.
  4. Only two types provide jobs. People with money and the government. If your not in one of those groups then you work for or live off of one of them. I would rather work than live off of what I now have to. And if Trump's daddy left him money or not. He creates jobs for people. And as he told Hillary, "you passed the law that I just took advantage of". Both parties make bad laws. It's not a one sided thing. And I never said I agree with everything republicans do, I just said I'm one.
  5. Well before I signed up. I've seen other political posts. So if people want to debate, that's fine with me. People want to curse me, that's fine also. I'm a big boy. At least I'm upfront about who I am. You people don't want me here. I have no problem, with that. I'll just go on about my merry way. After all my dealings with the government. I don't trust most of them. And now-a-days any time a D and R get together it's heated. Why because there is so much division in this country. Just watch the news for 1o mins and anyone can see that.
  6. I'm not afraid of who I am. I worked my whole life to be me. I'm not here to "kick up dust or fight". But I won't loose my beliefs for anyone here either. I'm always' open for debate. Much better than the what we have been seeing going on across the country. As far as weed goes. I hope I can learn from some that share their usage with others. Like until last week I didn't know anything else but smoking and eating it. Would love to hear about these other forms and how well they work.
  7. Well ya see I have paid into the system. Until I became disabled anyways. But this wonderful government of ours did give me what was due me. Strung me along until my credit became invalid and then allowed me to have SSI(after all I'm privileged). So I paid "my fare share", but didn't get the benefits I paid into. That's whats wrong with all insurancew. Not to mention that lawyers are making medical decisions, instead of doctors. Who the hell thought that on up? So have you read the new healthcare bill? It's only 124 pages instead of over 10,000 pages. By the way that's almost 1 1/2 tree pe
  8. Hello to you, and you, and you. Ohh and you too. I'm new to this legal aspect of marijuana. After a fall in 2009 I started getting chronic neck pain. in six months I was no longer able to work. After fighting for my SSDI for 5 1/2 years they gave me SSI instead . Been on pain meds since 2010. Was taking 25mg morphine er and vicodine 10/325 x 4/day. When I moved to NY I had a hard time getting my medical changed and went without anything for months. Started smoking weed on recommendation from a family member. Other than smoking some as a teen I really hadn't given it any thought. Well I fo
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