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  1. By the by, here is a quote from Humphreys regarding a coroner's report on a supposed THC overdose death of a 39 year old Louisiana woman last Feb: Which shows that the guy is not some rabid anti-marijuana crusader as he is passing off a coroner's report as incredibly unlikely because one would expect a lot more deaths if a THC overdose was truly the cause.
  2. Presumably you would have touted the 2014 study which found "lower rates of fatal opioid overdoses in the states that had legalized marijuana for medical purposes than in states where marijuana remained illegal". But a newer study - which used the same methodology but with more states and for longer periods of time - is somehow "ignorant, flawed, stealing from cannabis credit, twisted, anti-cannabis agenda". The word for that is confirmation bias.
  3. This is not about appeal to authority and what this PhD believes. It is about a very large statistical analysis that suggests on the whole that MM doesn't mitigate opioid deaths. It also makes no claim that no one is so helped.
  4. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-06-medical-marijuana-opioid-deaths.html
  5. Note that the study did not say that THC doesn't impair driving, just that there is no way to determine impairment from THC in the blood. Also, a big confounding factor when trying to quantify impairment from cannabis is that studies need to take into account the amount of experience (e.g., frequency of use, length of time, etc) each subject has with cannabis.
  6. Health studies that rely on self-reporting are generally the most unreliable.
  7. Your MM license is is confidential medical info that is subject to HIPAA laws. LARA doesn't report this information to other doctors (nor could they without your permission.)
  8. ^ "kevinjoseph" must be a bot, constantly replying to very old posts with unintelligible irrelevancies.
  9. That isn't evidence that the RSO helped (or hurt). Just sayin'.
  10. Always thought that specific claims re indica effects vs sativa effect were BS.
  11. That's a tough question because no one can tell you the correct answer! Not your doctor and not RSO advocates. My 2 cents would be to ask your doctor about what kind of progression you can expect if left untreated by radiation. If it isn't something you have to worry about in the next few months, you may want to try RSO topically and keep monitoring the progression. But you would also need a sympathetic doctor. Good luck and please keep us posted!
  12. Yeah, totally yuck. Stories about hashish production always grossed me out especially scrapping resin from all of those sweaty hands.
  13. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0379073819300751 If that last sentence didn't grab you, this is from a Gizmodo article on the above:
  14. Unless you grow from a clone with a known CBD content, you aren't guaranteed that you'll get high CBD from a plant grown from seed unless you test it (analytically or - less accurately - by consuming it) . Cannabis doesn't always "grow true". In addition, growing conditions can dramatically affect the THC & CBD, at least if you believe this small study on hemp which looked at soil temp and precipitation: http://www.dgsgenetika.org.rs/abstrakti/vol43no3_rad3.pdf
  15. It's happening fast & quick. Cresco Labs Enters Florida Medical Cannabis Market with $120 Million Acquisition https://www.newcannabisventures.com/cresco-labs-enters-florida-medical-cannabis-market-with-120-million-acquisition/
  16. Here it comes, folks. Is Monsanto far behind? https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/2019/03/16/green-peak-innovations-open-19-michigan-medical-marijuana-dispensaries/3179789002/
  17. If a one gram cannabis limit is stupid what does that make a 10 mg THC limit?
  18. Full article: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/cannabis-and-autism-an-informal-update-2019/
  19. Good article here: https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/marijuana-legalization-must-make-war-drugs-victims-whole-companies-profit-ncna981391
  20. carbaryl (Sevin) - banned in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, etc myclobutanbil - banned in Canada, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. Allowed in MI cannabis at a 200 ppb limit bifenazate (Floramite) for mites - low toxicity. Carcinogenic properties NOT tested as it is viewed as a "non-food" use piperonyl butoxide - enhances the action of other pesticides like pyrethrum trifloxystrobin - fungicide bifenthrin - high aquatic toxicity Saw a Platinum Vapes result that tested positive for EIGHT different pesticides...
  21. Another problem is that a company can always post a good report and a consumer will assume that this applies to a completely different batch from the same company. And flower? Forget about relying on a testing report until there is a complete chain of custody.
  22. And also some of the biggest names - Platinum, FlavRx, Midknight Xpress (MKX) and others - are VERY problematic. One Instagrammer has a screen shot of a MKX analysis that had pesticides and Midknight supposedly altered the results before removing their Instagram account. And that was my favorite oil. UGG.
  23. Unfortunately it seems that these are few and far between. Mary's Medicinals, Mitten Meds, Claw, seem to be reliable. There is also now a concern of counterfeits and companies are starting to serial number/hologram their products (which are ALSO starting to be counterfeited). Depressing situation. This is really bad news and not just for the immunocompromised.
  24. There was only a short time during in Jan & Feb that only verified products were supposed to be sold at dispensaries. Crappy selection, high prices (of course, I fully expect tested items to cost more but it should also be of high quality which I didn't experience to be the case.) What really is irksome is that a manufacturer can still test and simply not release the results if they are unfavorable. Fully expect that this is just a transitional phase until compliance testing (Rule 31).
  25. So I contacted PSI Labs to ask why those Instagram results (@got_clean_meds seems to be largely relying on @herbandlegend) weren't showing up and they told me that their website is being updated so no 2019 results yet. Also that clients don't have to post their results (although herbandlegend seems to be independently sending samples out.) I am going to assume for now that those Instagram accounts are posting legit results. THANKS SHISHKA - I OWE YOU ONE!
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