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  1. I am a patient and caregiver. I have been diagnosed with a condition that due to multiple surgeries will have me incapacitated for some extended periods. I need to find another local caregiver who could help me with flower for short periods of time while unable to drive.
  2. It will. Or so I've heard. But I could neither confirm nor deny. If you get my drift. They could confirm if you are worth the 5,000$ plus test.
  3. This post caught my eye. I was recently in a dispensary to acquire some full spectrum cbd oil to make edibles. I showed them my ID and card, walked inside for my first time. Within 3 minutes of conversation with tender he referred to the caregiver patient system as some sort of back street drug dealing black market! I was floored! This was the first time I had been talked to about it . I felt so betrayed by an industry that is supposed to be based on helping the sick. I can not support in anyway a shop or individual who resorts to stigmatization to profit. But ssdd. I will now be l
  4. Can't even afford my meds anymore.
  5. My point was obviously taken. I mean I'm looking on Craigslist for god's sake! 60 an eighth is a unafordable amount for someone with my condition. I used the dispensaries to substitute between grows. Not able to grow quantity of quality I need. Blunt I am. And often times misunderstood in type. That's just me. Caregiver would be an option if I trusted them.
  6. Is it good medicinal quality? Do you know?
  7. Name of dispensary? And are they functional? Do they have any meds? There are two licences issued for dispo near me within 30 min but they are not even finished building them. I unfortunately know because I've spent few hours waisting gas following maps of legal provisioning Center. Looks good on paper but in reality it is a phasod. No supply. Maybe I'll ask Lara is they will put my illness and my wife's cancer on hold for a year.
  8. Yes I do. After I medicate. My mind will not stop until then.. I also agree with some of your points. Except I think there is one more choice action. And our actions directly effect our circumstances. Really sometimes the only way things change.
  9. Thanks for your opinion Gary. I'll note that.
  10. I've been looking for peace but your attempted control of the point I'm trying to make is keeping me down man. I just want to go to sleep but can't because some think money and recreational use is more important than sick peoples medicine. Most who use recreational use other drugs recreational also. I do not... I do not want to be associated with such. So the dispensaries were a place I KNEW only marijuana would be present. So I extremely unhappy with the current situation. Typing on this phone keypad will not allow me to emphasize upon this properly . So if this does not placate I will
  11. Yeah guess state shouldn't cut people off their meds. Normally I would be in bed hours ago. But since the greed has completely corrupted a good thing. Here we are. I never wanted a drug hook up but Lara is pushing me there. Just so you know. Along with countless others.
  12. I'm going to leave this here for y'all to mull over. Good luck with all your future diseases. Peace.
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