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  1. My point was obviously taken. I mean I'm looking on Craigslist for god's sake! 60 an eighth is a unafordable amount for someone with my condition. I used the dispensaries to substitute between grows. Not able to grow quantity of quality I need. Blunt I am. And often times misunderstood in type. That's just me. Caregiver would be an option if I trusted them.
  2. Is it good medicinal quality? Do you know?
  3. Name of dispensary? And are they functional? Do they have any meds? There are two licences issued for dispo near me within 30 min but they are not even finished building them. I unfortunately know because I've spent few hours waisting gas following maps of legal provisioning Center. Looks good on paper but in reality it is a phasod. No supply. Maybe I'll ask Lara is they will put my illness and my wife's cancer on hold for a year.
  4. Yes I do. After I medicate. My mind will not stop until then.. I also agree with some of your points. Except I think there is one more choice action. And our actions directly effect our circumstances. Really sometimes the only way things change.
  5. Thanks for your opinion Gary. I'll note that.
  6. I've been looking for peace but your attempted control of the point I'm trying to make is keeping me down man. I just want to go to sleep but can't because some think money and recreational use is more important than sick peoples medicine. Most who use recreational use other drugs recreational also. I do not... I do not want to be associated with such. So the dispensaries were a place I KNEW only marijuana would be present. So I extremely unhappy with the current situation. Typing on this phone keypad will not allow me to emphasize upon this properly . So if this does not placate I will have to use my big boy voice in person to get my point across. My medicine is the last thing on a list of issues brought on by mostly others (not all) and some circumstances out of my control. You do not know me and cannot hear tone of voice through text. So my negativity is not that it is frustration of the program. 14 days have passed away (literally) since the closing of lake effect portage among others. I'm sure many VETS and sick patients in portage area are just as angry if not more than I!
  7. Yeah guess state shouldn't cut people off their meds. Normally I would be in bed hours ago. But since the greed has completely corrupted a good thing. Here we are. I never wanted a drug hook up but Lara is pushing me there. Just so you know. Along with countless others.
  8. I'm going to leave this here for y'all to mull over. Good luck with all your future diseases. Peace.
  9. Oh hey nevermind dude. These people are all a bunch of fakes. Lining their pockets with the money of the sick. Hypocrites if their ever was. Karma's a complain. Screw this site. It is a trap. That's my opinion and I will continue to share it. So go ahead and target me now. I hope you all don't become the victim to your own poison. Keep cutting
  10. I'm looking for open dispensaries also with any meds. Good luck the couple close to me are almost out of everything. And the ones issued licences around me are not even built all the way. The one local one most in my area relied on was shut down . This is complete b. S.
  11. In dire need of affordable donation prices for patient. Top shelf flowers. For chronic pain and cancer......... Located in southern Mi. Cold-water area.
  12. This is on point. I'm that patient.
  13. Looking for caregiver in branch county,
  14. How do I find other patients in southern mi?
  15. Or instead of caregiver is there anyway to find someone to lease a site for me to grow my own again.
  16. so few questions. PR skill is not grow skill. I do not want to sign up for a caregiver who talks good but grows inconsistent or low grade. So is it out of line to request to see a sample of their meds? Or even to try them? As it would be illegal? To transfer unless paperwork is in order between said parties? Why can't people have a heart for their fellow man.oh and were would I post that?
  17. I have but I can not keep a good dried amount and stay within limits and use . so I need to find a caregiver that knows how to grow good meds and doesn't want to mint off my tolerance due to multiple medical conditions. But yet I hear horror stories. And this creates fear of said opponents. I have kids and don't want issues. If I use heavy narcotics alone no cps but throw in some herbal remedies and your Satan himself. Just by communication here I put myself out . I no longer have a viable grow location.
  18. Was not Michigan a state that allowed busting addicts in city's to curb hard drug problem? I thought it was? This is the mentality I see in southern mi by non Mmmj people. Who are still uneducated.
  19. Then this causes distrust. I am not affiliated with law enforcement in any way .But I have been accused of (looking) like a cop? I tried to find a caregiver but everyone I make initial contact with acts all shady so I waste my cash at a DISPENSARY. I could move back to the state I resided in five years ago and get very high quality illegal cannabis for about half of what I invest here. But I moved here to ditch the stress lol. And to get out of that game. But this seems like it's worse. I knew the people I used to get cannabis from .Here complete strangers. I am sick of the drug mentality. I do not even drink alcohol any longer. Just cannabis. Ok I'm ranting. Sry
  20. Southern Michigan issues. Get a real wierd vibe. Compared to North of 94. How to find a legitimate ,high quality, AFFORDABLE caregiver.
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