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  1. found it... here is a link https://www.house.mi.gov/hfa/PDF/TestPDF/Ballot_Proposal_2018-1_Marijuana_Initiative.pdf scroll down to page 4 and youll find  Qualifications for licensure. (A prior conviction solely for a marijuana-related offense could not be considered in determining eligibility for licensure, and would not affect an individual’s eligibility for a license, unless the offense involved distributing a controlled substance to a minor.)
  2. My felony is from Wisconsin. I'll attempt to provide exact quote and link, but in the proposition itself, I found an abridged version with all the bullet points meant for the politicians. Most of it I see is the new law, but it clearly said sternly that marijuana only convictions cannot be reason for denial. It also said any crimes in last 5 years can be considered etc.
  3. to my understanding and the reason for beginning this thread, is microbusiness will not require all the nasty business stuff. Unfortunately I am unable to be a caregiver because of prior felony conviction for growing. I read in the proposition it would be required that a marijuana rlated offense could not be reason for denial. did this portion pass?
  4. 12 plants is not enough to do what I want. there is some misinformation in the replies above. each municipality chooses how much fee is. elegibility is determined by how many rec operations are allowed by each municipality. there is a incomplete list already on LARA with alot of municipalities reporting. did you guys read the proposition itself or at least the briefs intended for politicians? abridged version pretty much. it mentions state has 1 year like mentioned above, but I also read that prior convictions for marijuana only related offense cannot be considered towards decision.
  5. I am looking to start a microbusiness. I have read much of the new law and FAQ's on the website, however, it seems like they dont include language about microbusiness process. Fee's, requirements etc. I see where the A,B C licenses have $6000 application fee and business plans are needed etc. can anyone point me in right direction?
  6. I have a cabin in the UP and a resident of Wisconsin, is it possible to get a patient card for whn I am in Michigan, without becoming full time resident of MI?
  7. Currently a resident of wisconsin, but have a cabin in Escanaba area. Looking to move soon. Am I able to achieve dual residency? preliminary research says no, but Ive had Michigan residents tell me yes. Trying to get the lowdown. Point me in the right direction please...
  8. Can you get your patient card while on probation for thc conviction? My limited research is the probation oficer is a fed employee, and its illegal on the federal level so they could provoke your probation? Not too worried about medicating while on probation, just want to get the ball rolling, so I am legit as soon as probation is up? Also anybody have any knowledge on transferring probation from another state?
  9. I only have a po box is this ok? Driver license changed to Mi license. find a doc to certify me. WHat ailments are also normally allowed? I see the main ones on App. I have blood pressure issues, apnea, overweight, vertigo. then apply?
  10. moving to menominee from wisconsin. Would like to be a caregiver. Can i apply directly to become a caregiver, without a registered patient yet? of course I wouldnt have any plants until I arranged patients etc. My prospective patient is reluctant to list me as caregiver until they know I am approved for sure. Do I apply to be caregiver? all apps ive seen are to become patient. I see where you list your caregiver, how do I become one?
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