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  1. I recently had a conversation with someone that stated to me alcohol is no worse than cannabis. I was almost at a loss for words because this person is very intelligent and I just couldn't believe they said that.....WOW. What would have been your reply?
  2. Where I live fireworks season is January through December. I feel bad for vets and pets.
  3. I know this gets asked a lot...sorry... but what is the turnaround time now for a card renewal? My card expires on 1-1-20 but i wont have the money to send a check until 12-11-19. Also I went to the LARA web site to see about applying online and it says you can't have a caregiver. Unless I am missing something seems like somebody really dropped the ball when creating this half arse online process. Doesn't a good amount of card holders have caregivers?
  4. https://www.clickondetroit.com/all-about-ann-arbor/2019/11/20/ann-arbor-dispensary-receives-first-recreational-marijuana-license-in-michigan/?fbclid=IwAR1GyRsaGNs97P-tML1GzT3z6ex7XY6IIEBriCL-tkD8vS1u-KDvEMSzWxI. Also the Greenhouse in Walled Lake hopes to get it's rec license approved in Dec. or Jan.
  5. https://www.clickondetroit.com/michigan-marijuana/michigan-approves-home-delivery-rules-for-medical-marijuana-users
  6. Anyone have experience with quality RSO and CBD oil and where to get them?
  7. Does anyone know if there will be any TV ads for prop 1 or isn't it allowed ?
  8. If I post something by mistake how can I delete it?
  9. https://www.wxyz.com/news/michigan-plans-online-medical-marijuana-registration ........ It says LARA will start accepting applications online and it should be faster.
  10. This REALLY pees me off. These people come home with PTSD and they give them prescriptions that MAGNIFY BIG TIME their original mental problems. I was on opiates for 2 years after a near fatal car accident....2008.... and they messed with my head and body like I couldn't believe but I was desperate for pain relief. Then I had 2 major foot surgeries...2015.... and absolutely 100% refused the pain pills my doc insisted I take. After arguing with this doc I told him write me the script if that helps him and as soon as I get home it will be torn up and put in the garbage where it belongs.
  11. Sent in paperwork Nov 1.......check cashed Nov 7......received card Nov 29
  12. I posted an article about these oils and their potential benefits on a local FB page and one person said these have never cured anyone of anything. Anybody have any thoughts or experiences on this subject?
  13. I know this is very minor but it shows that I joined this group July 2017. When this site changed a few months ago I was unable to sign in using my original name (kevdeh) so I had to come up with a new name. I actually joined this site back in 2011. Have a great day !!
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