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  1. It would be a life changing event if this could get my child off all this crazy meds they pass out like candy
  2. Thank you for all that you do, this is great news as a parent of a non verbal autistic child im on the edge of my seat. It has taken all my self control to not try this already. I dont even know where to start when it comes to getting a minor child a med card. Please keep this updated.
  3. No if we can get our system here in michigan to recognize this treatment. I believe my son age 8 could recieve some well needed peace from this type of treatment. The cocktail of drugs he has tried has only made things worse. We recently had an extended eeg for him and found he was having 30+ absense seizures a day that we never saw. We are just scared to even talk about it with his doctors for the fear of him not being treated the same.
  4. More like the lawyer prob told him he was messed for selling to a uncarded person. I knew this guy and he is a giant asshat.
  5. Not getting what I need

    Its to bad that even a family member would charge so much, my patients get whatever they need at well below that price. With the proper setup cost should be around 160 a zip imo and everyone should be happy.
  6. Have we made any positive movement on getting autism added here in michigan?
  7. New to coco

    Wondering if anyone has a suggestion for something to put under the fabric pots to raise them up a bit off the table, something cheap?
  8. New to coco

    I just put up a 4foot by 6 foot flood table last week just for that purpose.
  9. New to coco

    Seems to be working out, today the runoff and ppm seem normal accept the coco that i mixed castings into, they look good but the coco is acting more lile soil and the ph is staying at 6.5. Not sure if that is gonna be bad or not but right now they seem to love it.
  10. New to coco

    So today my ph was 5.8 on most so i think the flush helped. Im also watering more to get more runoff.
  11. Michigan Legalization Over the Top

    Thats great.
  12. New to coco

    So i started transitioning from promix to coco and i think i may be having my first issue. I checked the runoff yesterday and found that going in my ph was 6.2 and coming out it was 5.2 so i panicked and did a flush. Today im seeing the runoff coming out about 5.7 and im not sure if that is good or not, its got to be better than 5.2 right? Any help would be great.
  13. New grow room set up questions

    Get a couple 600 or 1000w hps air cooled lights and you will be very happy and have money left over.
  14. Caregiver ?

    Yes you can, you just need to find a patient