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  1. Michiganmeds1982

    Regalia, Procidic2 and powdery mildew

    Neem oil is what stopped it in my room, Sprayed every 4 days for over a month on vegging plants 1 tbs to a quart spray bottle with a few drops of dawn dish soap.
  2. This is outstanding news and I cannot thank all of you enough. It's crazy to think that this really is happening. I just want what's best for my son and the s*** medicine that he's on now does nothing for him and we will soon be exploring this treatment option. Again thank you all for your hard work. The future is bright. Now to find a doctor that will recommend this treatment for him as I'm not sure how to go about that maybe somebody that reads these forums can give me some advice on how to move forward.
  3. Michiganmeds1982

    Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Survivors Petition

    I was born there while my dad served in 1982. I signed and so will he.
  4. Michiganmeds1982

    Northern lower caregiver with 2 openings

    Still room for 1 more
  5. Michiganmeds1982

    my wait time = exactly 1 month

    I recieved the return reciept on march 12 and still no card. How can i check on the progress?
  6. I thought they already amended the act to allow extraction?
  7. Michiganmeds1982

    Plantmax Dual arc 1000 bulb

    Cant wait to see results
  8. Michiganmeds1982

    LARA Issues Hefty Regulatory Assessment Fees 2018

    Very interesting topic here, good find by the op to put it up for us to see.
  9. Hello i have 2 open spots looking for local people within 50 miles of afton michigan 49705. I rotate 3 strains at the moment and run new seeds every other month. Easy to work with and fair. Pm for more details
  10. Michiganmeds1982

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

  11. So do we still send renewals to the same place?
  12. It would be a life changing event if this could get my child off all this crazy meds they pass out like candy
  13. Thank you for all that you do, this is great news as a parent of a non verbal autistic child im on the edge of my seat. It has taken all my self control to not try this already. I dont even know where to start when it comes to getting a minor child a med card. Please keep this updated.
  14. No if we can get our system here in michigan to recognize this treatment. I believe my son age 8 could recieve some well needed peace from this type of treatment. The cocktail of drugs he has tried has only made things worse. We recently had an extended eeg for him and found he was having 30+ absense seizures a day that we never saw. We are just scared to even talk about it with his doctors for the fear of him not being treated the same.