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  1. Not saying it is, but could be a sign of being polinated
  2. Hello, i am in your area with a mixture of great meds.
  3. Okay so I am in northern Michigan with two open spots available. Looking for people who are in my area. Willing to travel within reason. Many strains available and willing to work with you on strains that work for you. Private message me if interested
  4. I am in cheboygan county if you are interested. Will travel half way. Strains rotate monthly and am willimg to try strains you recomend.
  5. It does flower nicely bit sill need all the other additives to make it complete...imo. Its a good base nute.
  6. i used this and it was ok, still needed extra calmag. For the price i changed to something cheaper.
  7. Neem oil is what stopped it in my room, Sprayed every 4 days for over a month on vegging plants 1 tbs to a quart spray bottle with a few drops of dawn dish soap.
  8. This is outstanding news and I cannot thank all of you enough. It's crazy to think that this really is happening. I just want what's best for my son and the s*** medicine that he's on now does nothing for him and we will soon be exploring this treatment option. Again thank you all for your hard work. The future is bright. Now to find a doctor that will recommend this treatment for him as I'm not sure how to go about that maybe somebody that reads these forums can give me some advice on how to move forward.
  9. I was born there while my dad served in 1982. I signed and so will he.
  10. I recieved the return reciept on march 12 and still no card. How can i check on the progress?
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