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  1. ok thanks for all of your help and suggestions
  2. also, does spinosad work better than azamax? has anyone used azamax besides me?
  3. does the dr doom bomb leave residue on the buds or make the buds taste nasty? would you recommend it over the azamax? I had a buddy and recommend azamax . He said use it every 3 days for a total of 7 treatments. SO far ive used it every 3 days for 4 treatments and so far no thrips! Today will be treatment 5. i have not sprayed NOTHING on my budded/flowering plants in cause im scared it will make the buds taste nasty!. I have been controlling the thrips on the flowering room with tons of ladybugs and that seems to be working too!
  4. Thanks so much for all the info! SO far, it seems like i have control of them finally. havent seen any in the last two days.
  5. ok thanks. I am using azamax right now in the veg as well as ladybugs. I have heard of spinosad and was thinking about trying it but the grow store recommended azamax so thats what i went with. I have notice a difference with the combo of azamax and ladubugs. Is spinosad better? Does it work better or is it safer? i never heard of dr doom bombs before?
  6. about 3-4 weeks into flowering
  7. ok thanks! Trying to get rid of thrips!
  8. Can i use AZAMAX as a foliage spray during flowering? I have read that you cant, and that you can? Kind of scared to use it during flowering period. If, i can use it during flowering, does it make the buds taste nasty? nobody seems to have an answer?
  9. got OG 18, DOC OG, Raspberry Moonshine, Poisonous pineapples, original KC Jones and more
  10. Yes i has a buddy that grew it years ago and their was nothing else like it!
  11. Wondering if anyone has any DJ ShORT Blueberry clones. Been looking for this strain for a while now and would be willing to trade clones. If no one has dj short blueberry strain, im looking for a Blueberry strain tat is similar. Been looking for a super tasty blueberry strain!
  12. ok thanks. just got back with some AZAMAX and ladybugs. hoping this combo will work. Should i spray azamax on the flowering plants?
  13. Dealing with thrips for the first time. I have them in BOTH veg and flowering! WHAT SHOULD I DO in the flower room? Can i spray the budding plants with the dish soap mixture? ALSO getting ladybugs today! can i still smoke the buds or do i need to throw away? thanks so much for any advice! THIS SUCKS!! lol
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