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  1. will the 1500 have enough light spread for entire tent?
  2. i am flowering in a 4x4 grow tent. Will this 1500 watt light be too warm for this tent?
  3. great!!! Im looking at the link now. Thanks! :)
  4. What should the par be for a proper grow?
  5. im using grow tents and a 400 par is too much heat for me.
  6. it s girl scout cookies strain! Im using 2 300 Watt LED lights on them.
  7. Just harvested my first plant. Was a seemango. Looks good and smells great, BUT, it tastes like leaf/hay? Last time i grew, i had the same problem. everything i was growing looked and smelled wonderful, but ALWAYS tasted like hay and/or leaf? Im ALL about taste. What am i doing wrong?
  8. ok thanks! So far so pods! its only the side branch smaller buds that are doing it?? lol wierd?
  9. they are normal feminized seed stock,
  10. Hello. I noticed some of the smaller buds' hairs on a couple of plants already are already turning amber/orange? They are ONLY 4 weeks along or so? Is that normal?
  11. hero4u

    Proper Flush?

    ok Thanks everyone! I have an auto seemango that smells absolutely delicious that is pretty much ready but i want to flush it first.
  12. Hello. Have a quick questions. everything in my room is feminized EXCEPT, two of them. I Just noticed last night that those two plants turned male where tarting to form some seeds? I quickly got them out of their, HOWEVER, im now worried that the rest of my plants will start to seed out? Will this happen? Thanks!
  13. Hello! HOW do you properly flush a plant? Im using fox farms soil trio nutrients and it says to flush with sledgehammer. Im getting ready to flush but im really not 100% sure how to administer a proper flush. Can someone explain how to do an actually flush. Tried researching online but alot of info contradicts itself and not sure really which way to go? I dont want to improperly water log/over water them. Thanks!
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