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  1. hero4u

    Tastier nugs?

    ok thank you!
  2. Hello again. Im looking for ways to improve taste. Any suggestions? Are there any supplements or specific nutrients i can add to my regimen? Thanks!
  3. ok great. thanks for your help
  4. ok thanks. NO, these are clones
  5. Hello. Kind of a newbie. been growing a bit now with led lights and im having some success. Im using a 300 watt for veg and one 1000 watt and two 300 watt led for flower. My buds dont get HUGE but they are decent and they are VERY dense. Just wondering how i get bigger buds using only led lights? Is there a nutrient or supplement i can add to give them bigger buds? ALSO, I need to make my stalked stronger. I only let them veg till the get about 12-24 inches then i flower them. Buy the time they get to 3-4 weeks into flower, they start tipping over from the weight. ANY help would be great. Thanks!
  6. ok thanks for all your suggestions! I appreciate it!
  7. Very cool. Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. Hello. Im a newbie and i am having problems keeping my plants upright. Im into about 4 week flowering and they are getting to heavy and are starting to tip/fall over. What is the best method to keep them upright? I am using a 4x4 grow tent. Should i use string and run a net? Thanks!
  9. will the 1500 have enough light spread for entire tent?
  10. i am flowering in a 4x4 grow tent. Will this 1500 watt light be too warm for this tent?
  11. great!!! Im looking at the link now. Thanks! :)
  12. What should the par be for a proper grow?
  13. im using grow tents and a 400 par is too much heat for me.
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