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  1. hero4u

    Epsom Salt???

    ok thanks! I will try!
  2. also thanks i started topping the plants just recently and already having great reults.
  3. Should i use the epsom salt as a foliage spray OR should i mix it in with my feeding water and just water the plants directly with it?
  4. SHould i stop using calmag while using epsom? OR can i still use the calmag with the epsom or will that be too much mag?
  5. hero4u

    Epsom Salt???

    ok thanks. SO would you recommend using it as a foliar spray rather than mixing it with my nutrients and watering the plants with it?
  6. Hello. I just bought some Epsom salt because i have heard about its benefits. This is my first time using it. What recommend dosage should i use and when should water and how often? Can i use it both on veg and flower? Any info would be great, thanks!
  7. im using pro mix. I have been trying to stick with feed, water, feed, water. What do you mean by the "ec"? Also, i am using 1 gallon grow bags for flowering. When i feed, should i feed it enough so that i have run off every time?
  8. i will post some pics later tonight! I have tried flushing and that helped alot for a few days. I also even cut back to HALF the nutrients hoping maybe that would be help. Maybe i need to hammer them more? The pats themselves are about 4 feet tall or so(give or take). Getting very frustrated.
  9. I already looked into nitrogen toxicity but it sounds like its something else. My leaves are turning yellow as well. Im thinking it may be a potassium or nitrogen deficiency? MAYBE mag?
  10. still having some problems with my leaves turning yellow, curling on the tips and they also feel like paper? im using pk boost, ionic bloom, bud candy, and calmag. WHat could possibly be the problem? Buds look good. But eaves are turning yellow, curling downward on the tips, and they have a paper feeling to them, ANy info would be great. Iv been watering them with a ph of 6.0-7.0
  11. Technically, as far as i know, the court case of PEOPLE vs LATZ ruled the transport law UNCONSTITUTIONAL and CANNOT be enforced which means WE NO LONGER have to lock it in a box in the trunk! ALSO, their is now Recreational law that says we have to lock it in the trunk either. Of course its still a safe place for it, BUT, we are no longer required to do so. Just thought i would mention.
  12. Thanks! I used it already a couple of times while the lights were on and yes i can tell its kind of drying them out a bit and causing a little problems. I stopped and will only do it after the lights go out now.
  13. ok thanks! When i water/feed, should i give enough to run out the bottom every time?
  14. Hello. Just wondering if i should water my plants from the top or from the bottom? Ive been told to water them from the bottom. I have been watering from the top. Just want to confirm that watering from the bottom would be better? Is this true? Thanks!
  15. thanks i figured! I p;an on doing it at right before the lights go out. What happens to the plant if its done while the lights are on?
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