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  1. bumpero, it would be nice to sign some new patients, and hopefully share the newest meds soon.
  2. The males don't typically produce seeds, but rather pollen sacs, if they haven't split open and released any talt consistency like pollen, your other plants won't be seeded. You could practice making crosses and preserving genes by having the males produce pollen in another room; they won't need a lot of light to do so. The white bud pistils only need a few specs of pollen to fill a bud with 50+ seeds. Typically the rest of the plant won't have seeds, when done carefully.
  3. Bottom watering can be a way to reduce algae if it's an issue. Depending on the aeration of your soil it can be good to rotate top and bottom waterings. If you have deep saucers you can also avoid watering by hand often by fullying watering from the top; avoiding drainage from the bottom, and then fill your saucer, this way when the pot begins to dry the bottom of the pot will absorb the water in the saucer, beware of the rise in humidity though. Also, watch for build up of residual salts/fertilizer in your saucers.
  4. I could help, I have a new harvest coming soon and have experience with edibles, too.
    I'm in GR and can make the trip.


  5. An energetic practice with cannabis involves focusing on the "buzz", you can increase and decrease the waveform and also move it around your body. And a way of gathering energy in the pineal gland is continuously flexing the inner ear muscles, most people know the low rumbling sound one has in their head when they are yawning, learn how to produce this and continuously to produce an endogenous high. I once caused a necklace to leap from my chest while practicing these methods whilst lying down. With simple thought I can quickly force much energy down to my toes than back up to my crown. This is the same sort of energy that keeps our hearts beating and physical body performing, but it's not all confined to the body.
  6. It elevates one's train of thought, especially during bouts of depression. It's helped me much with my learning disability, I can stay much more focused when before medicating I felt restless. My hygiene improves, most things improve for me. My diagnosis is, BIpolar I, PTSD, so not the same as this study, but difficulties that are drastically improved by cannabis, especially, moderate THC, high CBD varieties. I love hearing about these positive studies.
  7. Here is some photography of the plants I'm capable of tending in an in-home setting. I desire to be a lead gardener, strain/genetic sourcer for an investment crew in the west Michigan area. I'm confident my skills and knowledge gathered can set us apart in Michigan, with my unique proprietary strains as well as my flower curing and Moroccan hashish extraction techniques. https://imgur.com/a/NGEpD
  8. Bump. Many exciting stains coming soon, seven I'm getting ready to flower soon. Panama red, pink Pakistani, Zamaldelica x Agent orange, a couple OG hybrids, Sour Diesel, Jamaican x Nepalese, Etc. As well as hashish and edibles from these wonderful strains.
  9. For the spiritually aware, cannabis taken alone, or in group use can bring about enhanced visual and audial perception. For instance, I have ability myself to create simple dream like imagery whilst awake, or even musical scores, others report to me they can hear and see them. I can even hold a tic tac board image in mind and ask if another person would like to play, I add an X or O, and they can do this as well, it also works with music scores, or complex building scenarios, like a blueprint, or like what a computer aided design looks like. My understanding as a young man is, we're either being dumbed down and misdiagnosed on purpose, or something less nefarious is at play. People are afraid of the possibility of the human mind advancing leaps and bounds, it very well may shift culture as we know it. It was psilocybin in small amounts as well as cannabis that brought me to these conclusions, both of which are psychedelics. I believe it amounts to practiced thoughts within the new degrees of perception psychedelics bring. There are many individuals whom have reported such telepathic observations during ayahuasca sessions, the main ingredient being DMT, a more potent psychedelic than cannabis typically. The original name proposed for DMT was telepathine. Some pure sativas and even hybrids can have similar effects to psilocybin cubencis mushrooms. Cannabis typically is perceived differently based on the perception of the user, though someone more well practiced can introduce another to these abilities.
  10. Hello, I'm still seeking patients in the west Michigan area. Providing pure sativas, pure indica, and hybrid, as well as hashish and edibles. The current wait from LARA is about 90 days, this I had understood from talking to them over the phone and from my perspective patients. Post or PM me if interested, I ought to have a wide variety upon our certified partnership in the LARA patient/ caregiver program.
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