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  1. its a scam! they are going to scoop up tons of money in application fees and only approve a few!
  2. you should be fine with your 4 plants then because i think that is what they will try to limit us to.
  3. times are changing but they still could have ratted out some people for such a low sentence
  4. congress just agreed to hold off on allowing sessions to have funds to go after medical/rec marijuana until dec.8 after that hes about raid some bunny muffin lol
  5. does og count as a "heavily scented personal care product"
  6. no one will get a licence unless the have tons of $$$$$$$ or are a friend. so i guess the same thing. they might be auctioned off for a few hundred grand once their business fails
  7. “The bottom line is, it is fundamentally unfair to those (businesses)… that are abiding by the law by not opening. " If they haven't opened they don't exist. what a making whoopee retard.
  8. "▸ Village of Eau Claire | View Article | Visit WebsiteAllows one grower license for a facility growing not more than 1,500 plants, one processor license, one safety compliance facility license, one secure transporter license and no dispensary license. All operations must be indoors in secure buildings, with around the clock camera monitoring. hehe I wonder who gets the single licenses they are allowing. I'm sure it will be a fair process.
  9. http://www.npr.org/2017/08/28/546743742/trump-administration-lifts-limits-on-military-hardware-for-police The Trump administration is lifting limits on the transfer of some surplus military hardware, including grenade launchers, bayonets and large-caliber weapons, to police departments. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement in a speech on Monday to the Fraternal Order of Police conference in Nashville, Tenn. the fraternal order of police. really... could they have picked a more evil sounding name for their cult. as if michigan police weren't already out of control. lets give them grenade launchers and ...bayonets lolol! might be time to hide in the attic the nazis are coming
  10. ", was stopped Aug. 25 for a marked lanes violation in Madison County." yeah right
  11. there is no background check for being a patient so they would have no idea you are on probation if you are wanting to medicate while on probation...that's a different story. from what I have read on here. some allow it. some don't.
  12. don't you need like a $100,000 bond or some bunny muffin for them to even consider accepting your license?
  13. a war would help the economy. they gotta have some resources http://nypost.com/2017/07/03/north-korea-is-sitting-on-6-trillion-in-mineral-resources/
  14. http://hightimes.com/news/california-authorities-seize-27000-pot-plants-in-4-day-raid/
  15. No one is doing anything shady... Do you ask your pharmy to see their id and what their home address is when you pick up your pills? Do you ask to see your doctors id and and home address when you go to the doctor? I don't think so! Man I know why no one likes you! I should have never posted here!
  16. I would never ask my caregiver their address but okay buddy.
  17. I noticed on the patient form to change the caregiver that it wants a copy of the caregivers michigan dl/id when the patient submits the form. So does the patient submit this and see the caregivers drivers license?...and address...That seems like a little invasion of privacy unless the patient is a family member or best friend.
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