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  1. No I do not want anyone going out of their way to do research. Do public Internet forums threaten you? The information gathered is for all to see... not just me dude. This post is just another tool used to do research.....not asking for anything but what people already are aware of. Unfortunately I could never be in every town in MI 24/7, so it is important to use the internet to gather information from like minded people to be shared to all... This forum does not need negative comments or accusations....If you cannot provide any valuable info maybe you should read another topic.
  2. Actually you have that backwards. Once the state law goes into effect in December, everyone is in until they "opt-out". I am looking for something similar to what the state of Oregon provides: http://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Cities_Counties_RMJOptOut.pdf I am aware this list pertains to the states recreational laws but it applies to the prerequisite of the state licensing program. e.g. If the city or county is on this list, you need to look to get licensed in a town or county not on the list. Makes looking at Realestate a lot easier.
  3. I really appreciate the comments. The purpose of this post is simply to compile a list of municipalities currently offering applications to become a part of the future state licensing program. Whether an "opt-out" or an "opt-in" list, anyone who plans on receiving a license from the state of Michigan must first be approved by the locality whether township, city, or county. The initial approval by locality is the prerequisite to the state license. So if you are aware of you township, city, or county currently offering an application, please list it here. Thanks.
  4. Bax- yes. I'm looking to compile the most up to date list of cities and townships currently offering an application. Blackhorse - there are a handful of townships and cities currently offering some sort of formal application. I'm trying to get a solid list going. After the upcoming LARA meeting on August 21st we should start seeing a lot more get on board. An "opt-out" list would be equally helpful.
  5. I would like to compile a list of localities offering some sort of application for the initial requirement of the state issued permit. 1. Webberville 2. Pinconning 3. And so on Please post if you know of any towns, townships or cities currently offering applications for permits. Thanks
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