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  1. Yeah, I've heard good things about the Mighty, too!
  2. Thanks for the help, guys! I got nervous about making the wrong decision so I haven't ordered yet after all LOL My co-worker is back from vacation today so he's going to help me out. Thanks!
  3. I heard good things about the Pax2 model. I was actually looking to vape wax and oils because I heard the portable vapes can't really vaporize bud correctly (unlike desktop vaporizers). Do you know of any portable vapes that can thoroughly vaporize herb without combustion? If so, I might be interested in something like that.
  4. Hi, I'm rather new to vaping and a co-worker of mine was telling me I need to start with a vape kit instead of just a vape pen. I'm trying to start out kind of cheap just to make sure I like it but he still said I need a kit. So, I'm on this site looking through cheap vape pens and was wondering if these boxed models count as vape kits? I'm assuming a vape kit just has the battery, charger, atomizer, etc. included - right? Sorry if these are dumb questions but I'm trying to order today and my co-worker's out sick. Thanks!
  5. I'm reading an article on the Metro Times about State Police Sgt. David Bailey trying his best to shut down all of the state's dispensaries (including medical) this year. Can anyone confirm whether this is true? It's not hard to believe but I just can't find much information on whether this is just him running his mouth or if there is actually a real likelihood of this happening.
  6. Looks like they just got 200,000 of the 250,000 signatures needed to get this bill on the 2018 ballot. They still have 3 months to get the remaining 50,000 signatures. Assuming the legal language in the bill isn't contradictory, it seems like this could actually be up for a vote in 2018!
  7. Hmmm, maybe they're just on the interstate. Thanks for letting me know!
  8. I'm curious as to whether anyone has seen the Weedmaps-sponsored legalization billboards? I haven't but I'm not really that close to the metro areas where I'm thinking these billboards would be popping up. I'm just curious if anyone has any pics of the billboards?
  9. I agree completely. There's so much information out there where specific ailments respond better to THC. I'm just speaking to the protests of prohibitionists who have outdated, archaic views. Sometimes, it's easier to sell them on something that isn't psychoactive so I was actually a bit surprised when the DEA put their foot down about CBD. So ridiculous.
  10. Thanks for sharing this report! I had a concussion from a car accident when I was younger and experienced light PCS (I definitely got off the easiest - my sister's hip was broken). It's interesting that CBD oil could have likely eased some of the effects for me. I'm not sure if it would have been classed as chronic pain though. I really wish restrictions would be lifted on CBD oil since it's proven to be non-psychoactive.
  11. I was reading an article recently about a cannabis pill being developed for concussions but I can't seem to find any information on it now. It makes sense to me because of the tendency for marijuana to reduce inflammation but I was just curious if anyone else had heard of this? It seems like it would be great for the NFL but I'm not sure if its actual cannabis extract in pill form or a synthesized marijuana (I don't trust any synthetic marijuana).
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