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  1. George T. Rich

    Current Caregive/Patient system being phased-out?

    Thanks for your reassurance!
  2. Confused regarding the new laws and what is to happen to the current Medical Marijuana Program. Will the Caregiver's be forced into getting a license for the 100 plant grow in June? Thought we were protected under this system because it was voter mandated. Am I wrong?
  3. Experienced Caregiver since 2008 seeks new patient in vacinity @ Livingston, Eastern Ingham and So. Washtenaw Counties. Top shelf AAA+ Indoor/Soil/Organic Cannabis Cup Winners. Currently growing 23 different strains. Fragrant aroma and smooth taste always! Dependable 24hr turnaround service. Also feature an assortment of medibles, tinctures, and capsules & honey-glaze shatter. Must have MMMP card and I.D.....no exceptions.
  4. Wondering what the current height requirements are for fencing in Michigan. Chain link fence Okay?