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  1. I did finally receive my card on the 14th of Oct . The issue date was the 4th of Oct so it either took the mail 9 days to get it to me or they held it for some time before putting it in the mail after it was issued . Either way I have it now and having success with using MM (smoking ) and getting pain relief . Was skeptical of all the claims made about MM being used for so many things but it is working for me to relieve pain . Not sure all strains will work as I have only tried the one so far . I hope you get your card soon and have the same results with pain relief as me !
  2. As an update , I ended up going to Denali healthcare and got the referral thing done ( no issues they filled the paper work out for me and had it in an envelop ) I mailed it out with the fee ,registered mail, and they received it on the 20th of sept . I have not received my card in the mail as of right now.
  3. From someone that has not been connected to MM until just recently and only connected to a few individuals involved in the MM cause I have been surprised by the number of people recommending I look into it . This started when I started having increased pain associated with joint degeneration and continued even more once I was diagnosed with cancer. I will also say I hang with a fairly conservative crowd so the acceptance of MM has become mainstream regardless of the propaganda spewed by those opposed to it . In deciding on if it MM was going to be something worth wile for me I had no problem finding mainstream articles on the helpful effects of using it . I think right at the moment the latest "cause " most people are hearing propaganda about is the villainizing of prescription pain meds . To sum it up , I think most people have made up their minds about MM and feel it is something that has benefits so they really don't pay much attention to the propaganda saying different. The prescription pain meds thing is a different animal as people haven't had any reason to pick a side until they are faced with the propaganda ,so the propaganda is highly successful .
  4. I am a little late but thanks to you t-pain and the others that took time to answer my questions . My plan is to get an appointment set up soon to get the process started. Been busy with the initial testing that is needed to start chemo and should know how soon I will start it on Tue when I meet with my cancer Dr .
  5. The place listed in the link I posted is the place that I need to go for that ? That is the main thing I was looking for , thanks. As a follow up to that question , cancer is listed under the first tier and is named specifically as a condition that qualifies , so does that mean the approval is automatic ? The reason I ask is ,as of now my other conditions that would qualify under the second tier as causing chronic pain have yet to be fully evaluated at this time. That process is started but the medical records are incomplete at this point . It sucks as the pain meds were for the joint issues before the cancer diagnosis ( that the VA misdiagnosed months ago)and was just done a little over a week ago. I don't know if that misdiagnoses has any thing to do with it but as soon as we notified them ( the VA was my primary Dr ) of the cancer diagnoses ,that we got outside the VA, I was told the pain meds would stop with no explanation and no further reply on treating my cancer . So as of now the cancer treatment will be handled outside the VA . My understanding is that even though it is an aggressive form it is treatable in most cases . yes it is hard to tell and even harder to know how much "begging " would be involved in getting them to do it . The evil of pain meds is the cause of the day right now regardless of the need for them .That is the main reason for starting this process to get approved for MM as at least I would have some control on my ability to treat my pain with out having to beg someone for help .
  6. Been reading online and still a little confused . Can someone walk me through the process of being approved for medical marijuana ? I currently have cancer and many painful joint issues along with chronic intestinal issues ( very recent cancer diagnosis so intestinal issues may be related to the cancer ) I see there is a Dr listed in Gaylord near me on this site https://www.marijuanadoctors.com/medical-marijuana-doctors/MI/gaylord . One of my main questions is what is proof of diagnosis I would need . Right now I have the lab report confirming the biopsy is cancer but haven't been set up with a cancer Dr yet. The same with my joint issues , I have CT scan that clearly state the medical conditions but won't see a physical med Dr until the 11th of Sept . My intestinal issues are vague but chronic and documented over the last several years . Been hospitalized due to it also over that time frame . The reason I am looking into this as with many vets being treated by the VA they finally allowed me a script for pain meds and then after a couple of months ,and at the same time I notified them of my cancer diagnosis ,they told me they were not going to give me any more pain meds . No appointment to further evaluate me, no explanation ,nothing . Obviously my condition warranted prescription pain meds as they prescribed them and that was before my cancer diagnosis. I do have possible other questions but will wait and hope someone can answer this one first
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