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  1. If you're not connected to me as a patient, I can't help, sorry. If the laws change after November 6th, we can revisit this topic.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that your caregiver isn't working out. I'll PM you to get details on what your needs/requirements are.
  3. Openings available in SE Michigan, near Oakland/Macomb county area
  4. I have room for 1 more patient. I've had good luck with people on this site, and have met some very good people. Thankful to be a part of it, and to help those in need.
  5. Have a couple of openings still if anyone is interested. All organic, I'll work in your preferred strains.
  6. I have patient openings if you're still looking for a caregiver. Message me if you're interested.
  7. If you're still looking for a caregiver, message me. We can work something out
  8. I do appreciate it, and you're absolutely correct, and hence th reason I edited to remove the statement from the post. However in the new year things will change, with all of the new licensing. I'm not sure if it includes to allow caregivers to utilize a testing facility, but would seem appropriate to have your meds tested.
  9. http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571_79575---,00.html
  10. I meant for lab testing, but edited to remove the statement.
  11. Absolutely! Hope the quality is good for you, if not hit me up.
  12. Decaying Orbit, If you're still looking for a caregiver message me. Tim
  13. Derek, Are you still in need of a caregiver? Message me if you're interested. Tim
  14. I am a caregiver who has been growing for years. I grow all natural and as organically as possible. I was reluctant to grow for others due to security risks, but with all of the despensories shutting down, I thought I would reach out to those that are in need. I am in Macomb Twp, work in Troy area, so I could deliver to you if needed, and are in or near those areas. Or we could set up a meeting place of your choosing. Please let me know if you're interested.
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