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  1. I heard growing Northern lights is a low odor strain. But having extra space figured into the greenhouse design to grow some legal and Very Odiferous plants that kind of "compliment" the odors of your grow is key to keeping those in line. And since greenhouse temps are fairly warm even in midwinter, i've heard to be usually around 65-75degrees when its 10-20outside, meaning lilacs for example just may overpower skunkbud. Then filtering and activated charcoal,etc will tame it down..
  2. I am pretty sure I remember seeing a reference to being a caregiver/grower and not being allowed to be within 1000ft of school, park or church. Maybe it was just schools though. I'm within the 1000ft of church and a public park/playground. I plan to be 100% legit and legal otherwise, with 5 patients plus myself, growing 72 plants. Am I screwed from the start?
  3. New here but grew when younger. Have a decent size lot to set up hoop house. Will have many questions but some good ideas too. Should be a fun fellowship here.
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