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  1. Greetings and thanks for all of the responses, everyone. A new and follow up question for anyone who wants to answer. One of my husband's oldest friend, who has been smoking since at least the 60s, has never wanted the legalization of marijuana, just the decriminalization of it. Is that a more reasonable consideration than recreational legalization ? Re the medical doctors who are approving the mm cards in Michigan, if they are NOT prescribing (writing mm on a prescription pad), then what exactly is the doctor affirming, other than the patient has one of the conditions that qualifies for an mm card? Have any of you heard this, I mentioned earlier a classmate told me that she heard about a methadone clinic where docs are dropping patients and if they drop dirty (thc), they are not being given their suboxone. Well I heard from a person whose husband suffers from chronic pain (5 year cancer survivor and lots of health issues post chemo). Anyway, he hasn’t been able to obtain anymore narcotics for chronic pain since his last surgery back in 2015), having admitted to the medical docs that he has an mm card, the attitude has been if you want to go the mm protocol, stating that “nothing else” relieves your pain, that will not be able to obtain narcotics, because you’ve already stated on your mm application that you cannot find any pain relief with fda approved means. What kind of craziness is that? If if you own a dispensary can you have a bank account? Wasn’t there some controversy about that in Colorado, but I never heard about this in MI? Banks are federally insured, are dispensary deposits at risk? Lastly, if cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug, isn’t that what we need to be working on, getting the Feds to reschedule? I mean isn’t an mm card a great risk? I heard that if your employer receives any federal funding, they “have” to maintain a drug free work place or risk losing their federal funding. Anyone know any different? I know the employment challenge of a cable employee in Colorado that was fired was affirmed by the courts.
  2. Greetings, I’m writing from class. Is there anyone on this forum that is pro medical marijuana but reluctant to see recreational marijuana legalized because of the impact it may have on people growing for personal use? Do you think it’s possible that legalization of recreational marijuana may go the way of tobacco, where the individual can no longer grow their own? Are there any legal repercussions for medical doctors that may prescribe mm to a patient who is then in a drugged driving accident with injuries, or if the patient has mental health issues and claims the mm made him paranoid? Thanks, Angel
  3. Bax, thank you so much. wow questions beget other questions, my classmate, writing from the dispensary POV, will truly appreciate your detailed answers and helpful link and case law. ✌🏻
  4. greetings, once again, sorry I've been absent, I work full time and school is building to a crescendo in the next few weeks, so I've been busy. Working full time there was no way I was going to venture on to this site from my work computer, as I'm sure my employer would find a reason to state I violated Internet usage policies and terminate my employment and I'd like to keep my job...they're hard to come by these days. I can't stay on long, but I wanted to get posted the questions my classmate wanted to ask the dispensaries, if anyone wants to answer them on behalf of a dispensary or from any point of view. Questions from the dispensary interview that never took place. How long after the referendum in 2008, were they able to open? Was there a business model that they followed? What variety of products do they sell? Herb, Medibles, oils, etc? What type of payment do they accept? Cash/debit/credit, etc. Is there a limit to the quantity of product a patient can purchase? If so, how is the quantity regulated, per day? Can caregivers shop for their patients at a dispensary? Is there a limit to what the caregiver can purchase? How do they feel about the possibility of legalizing marijuana here in Michigan? Will it be good for their business? What advantages or disadvantages do you see if legalization happens? Do they grow their own products or purchase from growers in the community? Are they limited to purchasing only Michigan made products or can they purchase from other states? If they do purchase product outside of MI, are there limitations in quantity or type? How is the product then delivered? Do they keep a database of their patients/suppliers, just in case there is a health issue? Such as a nuts in medibles that aren't on the label? Are there separate licenses to sell different products? Is a list of suppliers something that has to be provided to LARA or any other state/local agency? What do they think of the order by the state for them to close by December 1 or risk not being granted a license to operate? Do they know how long before they will be granted a new license (how long will they have to be closed)? Do they have any contingency plans as to how will they serve their customers during this downtime? Are they encouraging patients to buy additional product and stock up? How has the community responded to their presence? What is the zoning requirement? Do they have to be located away from schools, parks, etc? Do they have to limit their hours of operation? Have they ever been raided/harassed by law enforcement or anyone else? What do they want us to know about them that the community might not know? # # # Thanks in advance, Angel
  5. my son told me its either for cyborg programming or because so few people use the right shift key, there's no need of one - smh!
  6. Thanks, I will ask my group to forward their questions and I will do so...thanks!
  7. Ah, good point. I did see that an advisory bulletin was released Thursday regarding the new application process for dispensaries... http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/BMMR_Application_Advisory_Bulletin_603402_7.pdf Plus the free press article today about an event in A2 next week http://www.freep.com/story/news/2017/10/15/medical-marijuana-michigan-licenses/763653001/
  8. btw, I posted a more detailed response under "general"
  9. A farmer friend in the thumb discovered a few plants on his land. Personally, he didn't care but stated that he could lose his subsidies if l/e found the plants and he hadn't reported finding them, himself...
  10. Regarding child taken from home - I'm doing a paper for school and found a couple of things at the mm website. #1 was an application for folks under 18 to get a mm card, which lead me to be concerned about what you referenced above, "children taken from home". I was wondering what the legal ramifications were if a parent signed for their child to get an mm card. A couple of things to note, first on the site there was this bulletin dated Thursday, 10/12/2017, talking about the upcoming licensing process in December: http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571-449688--,00.html the application for a minor child: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/MMP_MINOR_Application_Pkt_601713_7.pdf But there was also a form for folks to give permission to disclose to a third party that they have a mm card...who would need this? Isn't that a violation of HIPAA? Here's the link to the form: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/lara_MMP_Release_of_Information_5-13_423664_7.pdf
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