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  1. Funny you should mention that. The "good" RSO, I did get from Dispo in Bay City. I've gotten RSO from Roots and Elite Wellness, and those have varied (Dispo was out of RSO at the time). I think they have restocked. Have you found that their RSO is pretty consistent? Mel
  2. I'd be happy cutting back a little. With RSO: some batches are extremely liquidy. They seem to be useless for me. No impact whatsoever. Other batches are thicker, gel-like. They work well. I rub a grain of rice size on my gums. It does take about 2 hours to take effect, but then lasts 4 or 5 more hours. My problem is this RSO variance. I suspect the liquidy stuff is more CBD oil and the gel-like stuff is more THC. Does that sound right to those in the know? Mel
  3. I have a severe spinal injury that results in severe muscle spasms. I have a MM card. I have tried RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and that seems to vary a lot from one dispensary to another. If you folks don't mind sharing, what specific MM do you use and for what symptoms (I would prefer not having to inhale smoke, but vaping or edibles might be fine) Mel
  4. Dalbert: Why should I worry about a field sobriety test? I would not be high when pulled over. I am a good, careful driver. I have been pulled over for various violations and I have NEVER been given a field sobriety test. I don't carry the RSO in the car, other than transport from dispensary to home. Mel
  5. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant there would be no detectable odor. Also, I tend to take the RSO in the evening only and I do not drive at that time. I guess it's quite conceivable that I go to the dispensary, buy RSO, and then get pulled over. But I would not be high at all. Mel
  6. It will become effective in mid-December, probably. I have some questions: 1) Once it becomes legal, why would I need my MM card? 2) My card expires in 13 months. Would I need to renew it? 3) I buy/use RSO. Will that be legal to buy? (Is it technically an edible?) Mel
  7. That's what I figured. I was wondering if anyone KNEW. Their web-site is still up https://www.midmichiganmeds.com/ It gives no clue Mel
  8. The title is the name of a company that does a delivery service in mid-Michigan. For the last 2-3 weeks, I get no answer when I try and call them. Does anyone know what's up? Mel
  9. Semi: Good grief. Where do I suggest that the CG would supply free product? Quite the opposite. My question was what costs are involved for the patient, such as other fees for the expertise/services of the CG. I am a relatively new patient who has never had a CG. Might as well ask the question(s) Mel
  10. Rest: I was amazed to see the increase in Bay City dispensaries. All within a few blocks of each other. Most on Euclid. There were about 7 of them (+/-) Mel Mel
  11. Semi: So how does the CG make money? Is it just the profit on the product? Mel
  12. When I first got my MM card, I went through a group. Their doctor would appear at various cities (including Bay City) where the doctor would see you and complete the application. But I can't remember the name. It was something like Alternative Solutions, but google finds no such MM entity. Anyone remember the name of the group? Mel
  13. OK, I have a MM card and get my meds from a dispensary. I realize that a Caregiver may be able to help me choose drugs and get a better strain. I think most caregivers will pay the expense of getting their name on my card. But what is the cost to me? Is it a higher markup on the meds and/or a monthly fee and/or a few every time we meet? I'm hoping you caregivers can clue me in with specifics as I'd like to consider actual costs/benefits. Thanks for your input. Mel
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