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  1. compiler

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Someone is being untruthful here. Either the guy has a criminal record or he does not. Which is it? Mel
  2. compiler

    Dispensaries closed

    Thanks for the info
  3. compiler

    Dispensaries closed

    Not sure what you are saying.
  4. compiler

    Dispensaries closed

    Is there a list somewhere? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DETROIT (AP) (3/16/2018) - Michigan officials have shuttered 40 medical marijuana businesses across the state. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs started the process Thursday of closing down facilities that are operating illegally and haven't submitted applications for a license. Hundreds more businesses are expected to receive cease and desist letters in the coming days. Department Spokesman David Harns says authorities didn't confiscate products when delivering the letters. The letter says those who refuse to shut down risk being unable to receive a license in the future and could face penalties or sanctions. Michigan voters passed a medical marijuana law in 2008, which allowed caregivers to grow a small amount of the plant for patients with medical marijuana cards. The Legislature passed bills in 2016 to regulate and tax medical marijuana. (Copyright 2018 The Associa >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  5. compiler

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    So the next question: Is there a better site to perform these connections (patient/cg)? Is there a classified section here? Mel
  6. compiler

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Rest: At the site, I have to upload copies of: front/back of my MM card and front of drivers license. Is that what you mean about ID issues. I can see your point, but also see this as a way to assure legitimate users/cg. By the way, how many patients are cg allowed to have? Mel
  7. compiler

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    I would just as soon get a cg from this site. I am in the Midland area. If anyone is local and interested, please contact me. Mel
  8. compiler

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Well, my plan is to find someone locally, so I can meet with that person. I have already been in contact with someone from downstate and that might work out, but I prefer a local person. This site might be helpful in that endeavor. (I am well over 30!!) Mel
  9. I came across this site. It supposedly links patients with caregivers. Is it legitimate? Mel
  10. Anybody? Mel
  11. I am just getting into vaping. Looking for something that will help severe muscle spasms due to a spinal injury. I have the following concentrates available to me. I believe they are all hybrids. Does anyone know the difference (if there is any) between: "The Clear" Michigan DAB Michigan Vape Cookies Jet Fuel? Mel
  12. compiler

    Totally new to vaping--basic questions

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I get plenty of vapor. I've tried long hard drags as well as short shallow drags. It seems there is no effect. I feel nothing. I have noticed that I am sleeping better. As I said, I am using "The Clear." There is also something called Michigan DAB Vapes. Is that more effective? Mel
  13. I have severe muscle spasms due to a spinal injury. I'm starting out cheap:ego-T pen (510 thread; electronic cigarette, basically). I have a pre-filled tank ("the clear"). When vaping, how many puffs does one start with? Deep puffs or shallow Suggestions? Mel
  14. compiler

    Question about Medibles (brownies)

    restorium: Filling capsules with oil would be a daunting task for me (not good use of my hands) Mel