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  1. OK. so, would Vodka or Rum work as the alcohol? I'm ignorant about the use, processinng and storing of Marijuana and its many medicinal forms.
  2. I’m confused by “grain alcohol”. Is it not poisonous? I’m thinking of getting a MAGIC. BUTTER. Machine to make butters. I try to be 100% organic in my gardening & ingesting. I do not want to use benzine or similar poisons in the refining process. I’m planning to grow my own once I’ve found which strains work best for me
  3. To WildBill & Bax; thanks for the information — very helpful. I’ve had chronic pain from Fibromyalgia, as well as cervical and lumbo-sacral spinal stenosis and osteoporosis & Rheumatic Arthritis of my hands, knees, back, etc. I also have some anxiety & Insomnia. i have stopped by the Jackson Compassion Club & it was still closed ... I’ll check their site again…
  4. I am awaiting my Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan and need factual information on how to use marijuana for pain. I cannot smoke due to Asthma/COPD. I want pain relief and do not care to have a "high" feeling. I have purchased 2 books but they focus on getting "high". Please share information on how to find actual Marijuana products (ours in Jackson has been closed over a month, now). Thank You!
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