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  1. Anyone know where I can find some Apricot Kush seeds? Thank You, in advance, John Dutcher
  2. Looking for some Apricot Cush seeds, anyone??? Thank You in Advance!!
  3. How are they going to enforce this??? what if someone says; I did not get compensation for the product, my patient is ill and I give them the product they need, the burden of proof would be theirs( police, treasury) then , would it not???
  4. Please do not call Jeff Sessions a hillbilly, he is NOT a hillbilly, he is a "cracker" from the far south, hillbillies are from Appalachia and are much smarter and much more skilled than ANY CRACKER could ever be. Hillbillies do NOT say Y'all, hillbillies say: yourines or you'uns, never Y'all, that word is very strictly "cracker", think, FL,AL,MS,SC,LA,GA,TX, etc. Hillbilly: eastern TN,east KY,W.Va, western VA,NC, think m ountains LOL!!!
  5. Sorry, Thought I had read that it was a constitutional amendment, at least I was right about the 75% requirement LOL!!
  6. Just google Israeli cannabis research, they are most likely the world's leader in it.
  7. Remember, it takes 75% of the state congress to change the caregiver program. Remember, it was an amendment to the state constitution. From all I have read, it won't change a thing for caregiver/patient relationship!!
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