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  1. Is marijuana safe for individuals with brain injuries? A friend of mine is finally able to move where it's legal for medical use but she has a brain injury, chronic insomnia, and chronic urticaria. Is it really better for sleep? She's gone weeks, even months without sleep. 53 days was her most and finally past out breaking her arm up stairs as she was on 5 different sedatives, and 4 allergy medications. She's been taking 10mg Zolpidem for almost a year and they increased it to 15 the past 2 months. Only supposed to be on it for a short time and I'd like to know what really works safely. From a thing or two in the past she had a lacerated liver, spleen, kidney, collapsed lung, broken ribs, 3 breaks in her pelvis, one vertebrae, heal bone; just very bad accident years ago and nearly EVERY sedative or allergy medicine says, 'warning: may cause trauma to your sleen and/or liver if previously injured or possible risk of seizures, strokes, tremors, even coma again for her if they mess up the dosages again. You say you can't sleep and your throat closed up and they gave her an Epi pen and prednisone and to sleep it off. Keep taking the sedative your allergic to I guess now days. That's where I live right now, no help at all. I even have insomnia, not like her but still. I feel more asleep during the day and wake up about 5p.m. So please tell me how marijuan a reacts with a brain injury, how safe it is if at all possible. I will never say her name but it was a train - car accident, she was front seat passenger. I said that because she has a lot of physical pain also; arthritis of a 50 year old and she's not even 30 yet. Last thing, does marihuana help with Degenerative disk disease? How we'll is it with herniated disks? I'm up to 5 herniated disks myself. I'm not up for surgery just yet and certain things don't work. Pain much? I know I'll either die from chronic insomnia or my herniated disk will go out wrong but if I can live longer with better medicine, I can live my 4th life. It'll be great.
  2. I will be moving with a friend to a state that has legalized medical use of marijuana and I'd like to know how efficient it works for insomnia. She will be asked if she wants to switch from the 3 different medications she takes to sleep, 8 pills total. Along with another question.. Does marihuana help with pain, arthritis from broken ribs, shoulder, heal bone, broken disk in her back with 4 herniated disks in her back now, along with one in her neck and another popping out to be another at the top of her back. After a lacerated liver, spleen, kidney, collapsed lung etc., are ongoing pills really the best for someone's body for the rest of his or her life? She's on 15mg Zolpidem right now for almost a year now and still needing to take 4 Benadryl every night. Is marijuana safe for individuals with brain injuries? I'm just scared something might react wrong for her. Really unsure if marijuana kills brain cells, honestly. I'm sure her doctor will know but no, I do not believe in every doctor because just as every one of them can try to save you, they can miss something and hurt you.
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