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  1. Easy E

    Excess clones

    Chopped up in the compost pile. Especially if extra is beyond your numbers.
  2. Wouldn't that be a making whoopee nightmare.
  3. I was just nodding my head up and down as I read this. So darn true, everyone gets the medicinal benefits whether or not that's their intention. Gotta love this plant!
  4. If you are currently growing your own cannabis you will not notice any difference. How the medical dispensary quality vs. recreational dispensary quality shakes out is anyone's guess. Could end up like Colorado where the best cannabis is at the medical dispensary's. Could end up with all medical dispensaries changing over to recreational, it would make more sense from a business standpoint. Especially when you consider the med licenses being granted now are the golden tickets needed to get in the recreational market for the first 24 months after they start excepting applications. The CRMLA initiative will give everyone 21+ access to cannabis. Children and young adults in need of medical cannabis would still need a MM card. Any adult 21+ in need of custom tailored high quality medicinal cannabis, who is unable to grow themselves, would need a MM card to legally connect with a caregiver. Unless of course they know someone who is willing to gift it to them instead.
  5. This is exactly how I see it.
  6. I for one plan to renew my card as long as I need medicinal cannabis. I am medicated, not intoxicated so I can go about my day as anyone would. I also supported the CRMLA initiative by signing and will again on Nov 6th. It's progress, I hope.
  7. For me it's the whole package I laid out in your other thread. The edibles give the base line relief and last about four hours per 200mg for me. I also take my edibles with food as I find it gives a slow even release. Then smoking flower gives me the top off or instant relief. The Hash is for the times the flower just wont cut it.
  8. This is very good advice! Start low, even 5mg, and work your way up to what ever dosage ease's the pain. The consumption levels I mentioned in your other thread were worked up to slowly over time.
  9. Easy E

    New here

    I am a medical cannabis patient due to back pain. My pain is caused mostly by muscle spasms, inflammation, and the associated spinal misalignment and pinching of nerves. I medicate by smoking 3-5 grams of cannabis flower everyday, eating 200-600mg of cannabis butter infused edibles, and I also smoke dry sieved, hand pressed hash when I need a really quick punch of relief. I also have a varied routine of PT exercises and stretches I perform regularly to strengthen my core. This is what keeps me moving, that and I won't be held back by anything or anyone. I personally refuse opiates, they mask pain and I need to know what my body is telling me. Even though I regularly sit at a pain level of 1-3, I would be at 7-9 without cannabis. The reason I offer this info is so you understand the specific nature of my success with cannabis. Everyone is different and our ailments are clearly different. I have had success with various Indica or Afghanica dominant hybrid strains that offer heavy narcotic relaxation and anti-inflammation properties. Some examples: LA Affie, anything Afghan really, OG Kush, Big Mac, Cataract Kush, Northern Lights, Grape Ape, Sensi Star. Sativa dominant hybrids usually only give me anxiety and muscle tension. Although I had great success in the past with a specific "lemon candy" THCV rich pheno of Jack the Ripper from TGA genetics. It was a good balance of motivated energy and relaxing narcotic effect. You will have to experiment to find what works best for you. The best suggestion I can give is grow your own medicine, it is half the healing.
  10. Easy E

    Regalia, Procidic2 and powdery mildew

    If you have to soldier through, I dig it. I just had to give my honest advice. As Resto suggested dunking would be a good option for mites. I have used Azamax in veg with success on mites, it took weeks and multiple applications but did the trick. I know of others who have used it in flower with success. I choose not to spray in flower. With the PM issue I would suggest cleaning all grow room surfaces thoroughly to prevent a resurfacing event. In addition to that you'll need to keep your environment in check. The only way PM can take a foothold and grow is if it has the correct conditions to do so. No more than a 10*F swing in temperature between lights ON/OFF, 82*F max temp, and relative humidity between 40-55% makes for smooth sailing in my experience. Once your room is clean, PM is knocked back on your plants, and your environment is in check you should be able to finish the run. Just make sure to clean after this run, PM spores will be lying dormant everywhere just waiting for your dehumidifier to fail, humidity to spike and another plague of PM to spread. Good luck!
  11. Easy E

    Regalia, Procidic2 and powdery mildew

    Unfortunately PM is a full reset, clean up, and get your environment in check so it doesn't happen again type of situation. Do not use eagle 20 unless you do not care for the health of those consuming the cannabis. There are a lot of products that can knock back PM to get your harvest off, at least to the naked eye. Get your cannabis tested if you make it to harvest and you will see what I mean. Sorry this happened to you! Keep your head up and grow on!
  12. Easy E

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    Wow a lot of arguing... and over what? Someone hoping to advance cannabis research in a direction they see fit, regardless of underlying motivation. My post is meant to enlighten, not engage in this useless, head to wall banging, argument. You guys have that bunny muffin covered... and quite well considering this forum is more useful as a positive place for open, helpful and advancing cannabis conversation. I have grown a lot of strains. Most of the strains I have grown are "modern" hybrids, but I have experience with strains of various stages and intentions of breeding. When I pop 5-10 seed packs. Each seed produces a different phenotype of the respective strain. While some phenotypes may be similar they are genetically unique. Furthermore, the effects of these phenotypes are likely to have some variation. Fact #1: There will never be a one size fits all medicinal cannabis product. Anyone who says different is likely influenced by ignorance, greed, or the desire to control. Fact #2: If a person using cannabis tells you that a specific phenotype of a strain helps their condition more than any other they have tried to date, they are telling you the truth. If that same person guarantees it will work for your similar or "identical" condition, that could be misleading. This is because everyone responds differently to cannabis. There are too many variables in the human consuming the cannabis, the way the cannabis is consumed, the way the cannabis is prepared for consumption, the way the cannabis is cultivated, and the genetics of the specific plant that is providing the medicine. Just thought I should clear that up so new comers to medicinal cannabis have the right idea from the get go. Getting back on topic. I don't know the underlying motivation for the research being done by Dr. Meiri. Regardless, assuming the findings from this research remain public it could help others. Cannabis research is in its infancy when you step back and look at it as a big picture. With the slow but steady onset of legalization around the world that research is accelerating. If you decide someones research is going down the wrong rabbit hole, do your own or fund someone who can. Because negativity is a one step forward, two steps back proposition. For the sake of quelling argument to that statement, there is a difference between negativity and healthy debate using reason and evidence. I have yet to read healthy debate in this thread. If you wish to engage in productive debate based on reason and evidence, please take that up with Dr. Meiri as he would be the appropriate channel. If your thinking to yourself well I am not in a position to do so, yeah well exactly my point. : ) Thanks again for sharing this washtenaut. Please don't let the responses to this thread deter you from posting more.
  13. Easy E

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    Makes perfect sense to a layman like myself. There are only a handful of strains, that I have found to date, that can properly ease my back pain and keep me going. So why would any old strain be effective against something as nasty as cancer just because it has been made into RSO. It's great that research like this is being done. The findings could potentially save a lot of lives! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Easy E

    Need help w/ Caregiver Laws

    I got ya Resto, I use Firefox and Chrome so no issues, poke poke. : ) https://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571_79575_79583---,00.html Gratefully Grown, scroll down to the Caregiver section in the link. A Caregiver does not register the grow location. Mailing address is all that is required by the state.
  15. Just to be clear. Basements, sheds, barns, garages, bedrooms, backyards, and other "sub standard" facility locations that are tended to by skilled caregivers who care deeply for their patients needs, can produce the absolute highest quality medicinal cannabis. The likes of which no mass production $30k+ facility can match, at least to date. I hope Nov. 6th goes our way. Then every person in MI will be able to over grow corporate cannabis should they choose to do so.