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  1. Goodbye Caregivers?

    I definitely agree. I just wanted to highlight another backhanded effort against the patient/caregiver model. However, RAB 2018-2 has definitely been debunked here and elsewhere and shown to be invalid.
  2. Goodbye Caregivers?

    Now with the new burden of 6% use tax being placed on patients of caregivers this is becoming more and more obvious.
  3. Another article about this: https://www.ganjapreneur.com/michigan-treasury-patients-must-pay-6-tax-on-products-bought-from-caregivers/ MI NORML says: "We have identified several problems with the new policy and we plan to fight this policy all the way through the Michigan Supreme Court if that’s what it takes to overturn this ill-conceived policy reversal. Until this gets straightened out, we are urging patients and caregivers to be extra careful during transactions. Even if this policy somehow remains in effect, it is not retroactive and will not apply to your 2017 taxes. Please be patient and we will continue to keep you informed as new developments become available. — Michigan NORML, on Facebook"
  4. Future of Caregiver's

    Still interesting, thanks for the clarification. Thanks for clearing that up for me! Glad to know how it works. I'm guessing Callton thinks the tremendous quality and low everyday prices of Factory Farmed Medical Cannabis will make "home grows" obsolete, lol? Or maybe it was a good way to get votes? Who knows, fun to joke about though.
  5. Future of Caregiver's

    Is it possible for the state to eliminate caregivers or would the people of MI have to vote on removing caregivers from the act? More questions then answers, sorry. Interesting topic though. I'm guessing if they could have eliminated caregivers, they would have already. Just my guess with the info at hand. Interesting! I read a lot of news articles and I never picked up that bit.
  6. Saying hi from the Yoop!

    Thanks! Right back at ya!
  7. I agree completely. It's funny how many aspects of that article contradict reality lol. Hope to see more of these articles, they make me laugh.
  8. I'm a long time lurker that finally decided to sign up and post. Thanks to everyone for all the info. This site is an excellent resource to help navigate the MMMP when first getting started, and to monitor it's evolution. I hope to be a positive addition to what you guys have going here. Take it easy guys n' gals!
  9. Thanks for sharing this. Wow refer madness is right lol. So bad no writer would put their name on it. Just "Editorial Board" lol. Whoever wrote that clearly does not understand the laws and the new proposed law as written. That is of course assuming the writer did in fact read the laws. I'm guessing they pieced together hear say and other poorly written news pieces to form their understanding. 1.5oz... wrong it's 2.5oz. Tax on home cultivation... nope only taxes business operations. 12 or 24 plants... nope just 12 per residence as the language clearly states. Even if you face plant the keyboard every time you try to read legal language, it's easy enough to read the FAQ on mi regulates website: https://www.regulatemi.org/about/faq/ The good news is according to polls like the one sited in the "article" no one cares about their outdated opinion lol.
  10. I think you hit the nail on the head the first time. At least the way I'm reading it.
  11. Sec. 5. 1. ....... (b) within the person’s residence, possessing, storing, and processing not more than 10 ounces of marihuana and any marihuana produced by marihuana plants cultivated on the premises and cultivating not more than 12 marihuana plants for personal use, provided that no more than 12 marihuana plants are possessed, cultivated, or processed on the premises at once; and Sec. 4. 1. This act does not authorize: ....... (i) Possessing more than 2.5 ounces of marihuana within a person’s place of residence unless the excess marihuana is stored in a container or area equipped with locks or other functioning security devices that restrict access to the contents of the container or area. I am not a lawyer. The way I understand it is: 2.5oz in public 10oz accumulative, in a private residence, of "marihuana" that was not produced by your 12 plants. Unlimited weight, in a private residence, of "marihuana" that was produced by your 12 plants. Any amount over 2.5oz must be locked up or secured in a way that restricts access by others. *These limits are only applicable to people growing, possessing, and processing 12 plants at one time. Would be nice if it also applied to Caregivers who are allowed more then 12 plants. However it does not seem as though this is the case. Again, not a lawyer, this is what I understand from reading the initiative language. PDF of Initiative Language attached. Initiative_Language.pdf
  12. Wait Time to Receive Mich Med Marij Card

    Mailed out Oct 30th. Tracking confirmed receipt by LARA on Nov 1st. Check cashed Nov 8th. Card received Nov 24th. 18 business days from mailing out. Hope this helps someone.