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  1. Easy E

    Moving north

    Awesome that he changed his tune back to reality!
  2. Easy E

    Plant count

    I personally count any cutting that I intend to root and grow out as one of my plants.
  3. Thanks for the response! I didn't phrase the question very well. I'm wondering if caregivers who grow more than 12 plants, and who are currently allowed to posses 15oz. will be legally allowed to posses more than 15oz. if " the excess marihuana is stored in a container or area equipped with locks or other functioning security devices that restrict access to the contents of the container or area." ? It would be a whole hell of a lot easier to consistently supply 5 patients and a patient/caregiver if this is the case when the CRMLA passes.
  4. Any thoughts on these possession limits applying to caregivers with more than 12 plants?
  5. Easy E

    my own grower

    First question is do you have your MMMP registration card? If yes, did you elect to retain your plant rights when you filled our your application? If you did your card will say YES in the authorized to posses plants section. Which means your good to grow 12 plants for yourself and posses 2.5oz for yourself. If you have grow questions, head over to the grow section and myself and others will be happy to help. If you already have your MMMP registration card but it says NO in the authorized to posses plants section, you will need to submit this form with the $10 to change that: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/Change_Plant_Possession_602508_7.pdf If you don't have your MMMP registration card, you'll have to get that process taken care of making sure to elect to retain your plant rights. Start here: https://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571_79575---,00.html
  6. Easy E

    Plants with 3 leaves

    That's pretty cool a plant in veg and flower simultaneously, wow.
  7. Easy E

    Plants with 3 leaves

    In veg a small amount of light leak is ok. No such thing as a dumb ? in the pursuit of knowledge. Hell yeah if the mutants are sticky icky and stank dank, keep 'em. Remain vigilant though, if male flowers pop up you'll want to at least snip them out if you want to avoid culling. When cannabis produces seed it reduces overall potency and medicinal value. Your choice of snipping the male flowers or culling the plant would depend on how many male flowers pop up and how bad you need meds. I totally understand gambling it at this point to get meds as soon as possible! I only recommended culling as a means to free up plant numbers to be able to select from reputable seed stock.
  8. Easy E

    Plants with 3 leaves

    Best advice I can give to a new grower in this situation is as follows: Flower off your non mutated somewhat normal looking plants, under 12/12. Cull all the mutated plants, they will just be trouble. Keep a close eye on the remaining plants for males and hermaphrodite flowers, cull any that pop up. Do not take clones, these genetics will likely be problematic and will only frustrate a new grower. You have no idea what the CL buster sold you, so cut your losses and move on to AmishRnot4ganjas suggestion of reputable seeds. Heck, get feminized seed if you can't wait to select for sex. I choose to only use regular seed myself. Lighting cycles: Veg: 18/6 is tried and true * any more and your plants will be stressed. Cannabis falls asleep anyway, even with lights on in a 18-24hr on scenario. Even 18/6 is unnecessary, ganja doesn't grow naturally at 60* north latitude... Think about it lol. Flower: 12/12 is tried and true and will give good results to a budding grower (pun intended).
  9. Easy E

    Current Caregive/Patient system being phased-out?

    You are right, the caregiver/patient system is currently protected under the MMMA and MMMP. Note that caregiver sales to dispensaries was never explicitly allowed prior to the passage of the MMFLA, and are undoubtedly not allowed now. However registered caregiver to patient relationships have been legal since the beginning and remain legal now. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the news, this forum and planet green trees radio for any potential changes. Again no changes to worry about as of now. The MMFLA is a separate bill focused on the business side of things.
  10. ^^^This is what comes next as I understand it. Great to see things moving in the right direction!
  11. Easy E

    Bud porn !

    Here's a shot of Cataract Kush from DNA Genetics just a day or two from being ripe with the larger fan leaves cannibalizing nicely. Organically grown in super soil under DIY LED lights. This strain is excellent for pain relief and relaxing muscle spasms.
  12. Easy E

    Member card address

    PO BOX here too. ; )
  13. What a poorly titled article. Here's all you need to know in case that headline caught your attention like it caught mine: "There's a card number, and so through that card number we can verify if that card is in fact valid," explains Detective Captain Kohler.
  14. ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - A number of people in Michigan are able to obtain medical marijuana legally, through a state issued medical marijuana card. Because of confidentiality issues, local law enforcement doesn't have access to a state database with all cardholders' names. "Really, we don't do much. It's not regulated locally. There's no way for us to actually know by our own investigations whether somebody is growing marijuana," explains Chief of Ishpeming City Police Steven Snowaert. "The only information that we have as far as caregivers and people who have cards is the information that we cultivate on our own in the process of investigation or say a traffic stop or things of that nature," adds Detective Captain Mike Kohler of Marquette City Police. Both entities wish they had some sort of access to a database, but they do have limited ability to determine if a medical marijuana card is legitimate. "There's a card number, and so through that card number we can verify if that card is in fact valid," explains Detective Captain Kohler. As a cardholder, Michiganders can grow up to 12 plants, and if you become a caregiver, you can provide up to five other people with medical marijuana as well, for a total of 72 plants in one home. Ishpeming City Police says they're aware of about 10 caregivers in their area. One Ishpeming caregiver's house caught fire Wednesday. Growing medical marijuana involves a lot of electricity for heat lamps, and while Ishpeming Fire concluded it was an electrical issue that caused the fire, a direct correlation can't be concluded. "The house was being used to grow marijuana, legally. The owner was a caregiver, and to my knowledge he had 48 marijuana plants in there and he was a caregiver of four people, so he was well within the limits of his growing," says Chief Snowaert. This caregiver came forward prior to the fire, and let Ishpeming law enforcement know that he was a grower. "I do believe there should be some more regulations on it because obviously in situations where people are growing it, and probably growing it in their basement, there are a lot of older homes here in Ishpeming, you wonder whether the wiring is satisfactory to be growing the marijuana because that could be susceptible to fire," Chief Snowaert says. http://www.uppermichiganssource.com/content/news/Local-UP-police-track-legal-medical-marijuana-cardholders--479732823.html
  15. April 6, 2018 IRON MOUNTAIN — Earlier in the week, a legal marijuana grow operation was robbed by people impersonating DEA Agents. Medical Marijuana is legal in Michigan. Caregivers are legally allowed to grow and distribute medical marijuana to up to five medical marijuana patients. Some of his customers’ plants were stolen Wednesday. The last 48 hours have been tough for the medical marijuana community in Iron Mountain. “Everyone right now is scared – as far as customers go and friends – that this could happen to them too,” he said. Investigation into the incident is ongoing. Fraser is well known in the community. His shop has seen appreciation in the last few days. “But actually, sales and business here in the last couple of days, have been extremely well,” said Fraser. “There were over 500 shares of my original post on Facebook, and since then, we’ve had a lot of support from the community.” Fraser encourages anyone who has information to come forward…tips can be left anonymously with the Iron Mountain Police Department or with Dave himself. “The police want everybody to know that medical marijuana growers who are legal will not be condemned. They want them to come forward and not feel as though they can’t. If people aren’t spreading information, there’s no way that they can catch these people. Any information right now would greatly help the investigation,” added Fraser. https://abc10up.com/2018/04/06/investigation-underway-into-stolen-medical-marijuana/