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  1. You may post what ever you like. I will post how I like and answer the questions I feel merit response. The question of "are we done here" was to see if you understood how sideways this conversation has gone. I do not believe you do. At this point I feel I have said all I can say. I will not be posting any further. Have a good day.
  2. Carry on as you must. I said nothing about you stopping.
  3. Yes, please continue trolling me. Where as I will continue trying to help people.
  4. My actual question to you: Do you even grow? I ask because most people that love and care for the plant don't act like you. (please don't misrepresent what I post) I already explained your last question. Twice... 1st try: Kevin Jodrey has talked about an open-source method of rejuvenation for plants effected by HLVD. He basically places the plant in a greenhouse in a specific soil composition and allows the health of plant to exceed the replication rate of the viroid there by suppressing it. Although he says his method really just suppresses this viroid as the plant will still test positive for HLVD. He also said in the event of high plant stress that HLVD is likely to take over once again. 2nd try: I clearly stated that Kevin Jodrey said the plant will still carry the viroid, it will just be suppressed by the plants immune system. Also any stressful situation there after would lower plant immunity enough for the viroid to take back over and the plant would start to display symptoms again. 3rd try: Maybe your confusion is because your unaware how pathogens are transmitted? So I'll try to help. Any plant carrying a pathogen, regardless of infection level or display of symptoms, has the potential for transmission to other plants. Which means it does not "save" the plant. I included that info solely as a point of interest in the not yet completed work that is being done to combat this pathogen. This info suggests there may very well be other methods of remediation that have not yet been fully explored and patented. Now, are we done here? I will not allow you to create confusion in my post. The point of this post was to share information with the community in hopes of helping others that may be suffering from this pathogen. Please stop pretending your trying to have an intellectual conversation about this topic. That possibility went out the window with your first reply: P.S. I don't actually care if you grow, what you grow, or how good you grow. Again that was not the point of this thread.
  5. My responses are now highlighted in red, in a point by point manner, so there should be no confusion now.
  6. My responses are now highlighted in red, in a point by point manner, so there will be no confusion.
  7. Yes science is a joke... University and industry studies should be halted at once! Oh wow just smh lol...
  8. I would sell the seeds for cash and use the cash to buy flower from a dispensary or caregiver that you are legally connected to via the MMMP. That's really the only way you can do any of what you had asked without having to worry if your outside the law. I personally think a gift exchange between trusted friends or family is an appropriate situation even if it's not the 25th of December, but like I said before... Or better yet grow your own! It's much more cost effective and the growing can be therapeutic itself. You have the seeds already, why not right?!
  9. I'm planning on growing outdoors this year myself. Basically the growing area needs to have walls, a roof, lock(s), and be secure in a way that people cannot reach in and grab your plants. That could mean something as simple as cattle panels or animal fencing over pvc/metal hoops with a padlocked door (picture an open air "greenhouse cage"), to a fully enclosed greenhouse with locking door. The plants cannot be visible to the public, neighbors, etc. without a visual aid (binoculars, etc.). So if your neighbors can't see your plants without visual aids and they are within the enclosure described above your good to grow! From prop 1- (f) cultivating marihuana plants if the plants are visible from a public place without the use of binoculars, aircraft, or other optical aids or outside of an enclosed area equipped with locks or other functioning security devices that restrict access to the area; From MMMA- (d) "Enclosed, locked facility" means a closet, room, or other comparable, stationary, and fully enclosed area equipped with secured locks or other functioning security devices that permit access only by a registered primary caregiver or registered qualifying patient. Marihuana plants grown outdoors are considered to be in an enclosed, locked facility if they are not visible to the unaided eye from an adjacent property when viewed by an individual at ground level or from a permanent structure and are grown within a stationary structure that is enclosed on all sides, except for the base, by chain-link fencing, wooden slats, or a similar material that prevents access by the general public and that is anchored, attached, or affixed to the ground; located on land that is owned, leased, or rented by either the registered qualifying patient or a person designated through the departmental registration process as the primary caregiver for the registered qualifying patient or patients for whom the marihuana plants are grown; and equipped with functioning locks or other security devices that restrict access to only the registered qualifying patient or the registered primary caregiver who owns, leases, or rents the property on which the structure is located.
  10. Some recent news that is answering a lot of questions for people losing heirloom clonal stock to "dudding". https://darkheartnursery.com/news/hop-latent-viroid/ Kevin Jodrey has talked about an open-source method of rejuvenation for plants effected by HLVD. He basically places the plant in a greenhouse in a specific soil composition and allows the health of plant to exceed the replication rate of the viroid there by suppressing it. Although he says his method really just suppresses this viroid as the plant will still test positive for HLVD. He also said in the event of high plant stress that HLVD is likely to take over once again. Very interesting! Finally cannabis is being studied the way other commodity producing trees and horticultural plants are. I cannot wait for the day federal de-scheduling of cannabis would allow open source information to be developed at universities. Unfortunately the cleaning process developed by DHN is patent pending and comes at a premium, making it out of reach for many small farmers and personal growers/preservationists.
  11. Just to clarify, did the bud smell like grass/hay when dried? Or did it smell good dried but taste like hay when smoked? Hay or grass smell is usually due to chlorophyll retention. Chlorophyll will break down and be undetectable by the human palate when cannabis is dried properly. Hay or grass smell is one or more of these issues: poor genetics (not all to likely but worth a mention in case your growing shwag bag seed lol, jk), harvested before peak maturity, dried too fast (under 50%RH), dried to slow (over 70%RH), fluctuation in humidity levels in excess of 10% during the dry process, or mold/other contamination. There is many ways to dry a plant but 50-60%RH and 55-60*F for 10-14 days has been the terpene preserving sweet spot in my experience. Light deficiency will not cause a grass smell... Excess light could however evaporate some of the more volatile terpenes and cause a reduction in trichome production along with other issues. None the less, even excess light will not cause a grass smell, just a reduction in quality.
  12. Watch the Ken Stecker PAAM presentation Michael posted on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDIqFeIRHag&t=1752s This will at least give you a glimpse into the enemies mindset and current understanding at the time.
  13. Chopped up in the compost pile. Especially if extra is beyond your numbers.
  14. I was just nodding my head up and down as I read this. So darn true, everyone gets the medicinal benefits whether or not that's their intention. Gotta love this plant!
  15. If you are currently growing your own cannabis you will not notice any difference. How the medical dispensary quality vs. recreational dispensary quality shakes out is anyone's guess. Could end up like Colorado where the best cannabis is at the medical dispensary's. Could end up with all medical dispensaries changing over to recreational, it would make more sense from a business standpoint. Especially when you consider the med licenses being granted now are the golden tickets needed to get in the recreational market for the first 24 months after they start excepting applications. The CRMLA initiative will give everyone 21+ access to cannabis. Children and young adults in need of medical cannabis would still need a MM card. Any adult 21+ in need of custom tailored high quality medicinal cannabis, who is unable to grow themselves, would need a MM card to legally connect with a caregiver. Unless of course they know someone who is willing to gift it to them instead.
  16. I for one plan to renew my card as long as I need medicinal cannabis. I am medicated, not intoxicated so I can go about my day as anyone would. I also supported the CRMLA initiative by signing and will again on Nov 6th. It's progress, I hope.
  17. For me it's the whole package I laid out in your other thread. The edibles give the base line relief and last about four hours per 200mg for me. I also take my edibles with food as I find it gives a slow even release. Then smoking flower gives me the top off or instant relief. The Hash is for the times the flower just wont cut it.
  18. This is very good advice! Start low, even 5mg, and work your way up to what ever dosage ease's the pain. The consumption levels I mentioned in your other thread were worked up to slowly over time.
  19. I am a medical cannabis patient due to back pain. My pain is caused mostly by muscle spasms, inflammation, and the associated spinal misalignment and pinching of nerves. I medicate by smoking 3-5 grams of cannabis flower everyday, eating 200-600mg of cannabis butter infused edibles, and I also smoke dry sieved, hand pressed hash when I need a really quick punch of relief. I also have a varied routine of PT exercises and stretches I perform regularly to strengthen my core. This is what keeps me moving, that and I won't be held back by anything or anyone. I personally refuse opiates, they mask pain and I need to know what my body is telling me. Even though I regularly sit at a pain level of 1-3, I would be at 7-9 without cannabis. The reason I offer this info is so you understand the specific nature of my success with cannabis. Everyone is different and our ailments are clearly different. I have had success with various Indica or Afghanica dominant hybrid strains that offer heavy narcotic relaxation and anti-inflammation properties. Some examples: LA Affie, anything Afghan really, OG Kush, Big Mac, Cataract Kush, Northern Lights, Grape Ape, Sensi Star. Sativa dominant hybrids usually only give me anxiety and muscle tension. Although I had great success in the past with a specific "lemon candy" THCV rich pheno of Jack the Ripper from TGA genetics. It was a good balance of motivated energy and relaxing narcotic effect. You will have to experiment to find what works best for you. The best suggestion I can give is grow your own medicine, it is half the healing.
  20. If you have to soldier through, I dig it. I just had to give my honest advice. As Resto suggested dunking would be a good option for mites. I have used Azamax in veg with success on mites, it took weeks and multiple applications but did the trick. I know of others who have used it in flower with success. I choose not to spray in flower. With the PM issue I would suggest cleaning all grow room surfaces thoroughly to prevent a resurfacing event. In addition to that you'll need to keep your environment in check. The only way PM can take a foothold and grow is if it has the correct conditions to do so. No more than a 10*F swing in temperature between lights ON/OFF, 82*F max temp, and relative humidity between 40-55% makes for smooth sailing in my experience. Once your room is clean, PM is knocked back on your plants, and your environment is in check you should be able to finish the run. Just make sure to clean after this run, PM spores will be lying dormant everywhere just waiting for your dehumidifier to fail, humidity to spike and another plague of PM to spread. Good luck!
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