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  1. Unfortunately PM is a full reset, clean up, and get your environment in check so it doesn't happen again type of situation. Do not use eagle 20 unless you do not care for the health of those consuming the cannabis. There are a lot of products that can knock back PM to get your harvest off, at least to the naked eye. Get your cannabis tested if you make it to harvest and you will see what I mean. Sorry this happened to you! Keep your head up and grow on!
  2. Wow a lot of arguing... and over what? Someone hoping to advance cannabis research in a direction they see fit, regardless of underlying motivation. My post is meant to enlighten, not engage in this useless, head to wall banging, argument. You guys have that bunny muffin covered... and quite well considering this forum is more useful as a positive place for open, helpful and advancing cannabis conversation. I have grown a lot of strains. Most of the strains I have grown are "modern" hybrids, but I have experience with strains of various stages and intentions of breeding. When I pop 5-10 seed packs. Each seed produces a different phenotype of the respective strain. While some phenotypes may be similar they are genetically unique. Furthermore, the effects of these phenotypes are likely to have some variation. Fact #1: There will never be a one size fits all medicinal cannabis product. Anyone who says different is likely influenced by ignorance, greed, or the desire to control. Fact #2: If a person using cannabis tells you that a specific phenotype of a strain helps their condition more than any other they have tried to date, they are telling you the truth. If that same person guarantees it will work for your similar or "identical" condition, that could be misleading. This is because everyone responds differently to cannabis. There are too many variables in the human consuming the cannabis, the way the cannabis is consumed, the way the cannabis is prepared for consumption, the way the cannabis is cultivated, and the genetics of the specific plant that is providing the medicine. Just thought I should clear that up so new comers to medicinal cannabis have the right idea from the get go. Getting back on topic. I don't know the underlying motivation for the research being done by Dr. Meiri. Regardless, assuming the findings from this research remain public it could help others. Cannabis research is in its infancy when you step back and look at it as a big picture. With the slow but steady onset of legalization around the world that research is accelerating. If you decide someones research is going down the wrong rabbit hole, do your own or fund someone who can. Because negativity is a one step forward, two steps back proposition. For the sake of quelling argument to that statement, there is a difference between negativity and healthy debate using reason and evidence. I have yet to read healthy debate in this thread. If you wish to engage in productive debate based on reason and evidence, please take that up with Dr. Meiri as he would be the appropriate channel. If your thinking to yourself well I am not in a position to do so, yeah well exactly my point. : ) Thanks again for sharing this washtenaut. Please don't let the responses to this thread deter you from posting more.
  3. Makes perfect sense to a layman like myself. There are only a handful of strains, that I have found to date, that can properly ease my back pain and keep me going. So why would any old strain be effective against something as nasty as cancer just because it has been made into RSO. It's great that research like this is being done. The findings could potentially save a lot of lives! Thanks for sharing!
  4. I got ya Resto, I use Firefox and Chrome so no issues, poke poke. : ) https://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571_79575_79583---,00.html Gratefully Grown, scroll down to the Caregiver section in the link. A Caregiver does not register the grow location. Mailing address is all that is required by the state.
  5. Just to be clear. Basements, sheds, barns, garages, bedrooms, backyards, and other "sub standard" facility locations that are tended to by skilled caregivers who care deeply for their patients needs, can produce the absolute highest quality medicinal cannabis. The likes of which no mass production $30k+ facility can match, at least to date. I hope Nov. 6th goes our way. Then every person in MI will be able to over grow corporate cannabis should they choose to do so.
  6. Nice works, I also like the guitar shaped piece!
  7. It was great to hear this woman tell her story on PGT Radio. I felt so bad for her while listening to what she went through during the arrest though.
  8. I read this one too, disturbing. Shows how badly we need the ballot measure to pass!
  9. I had a cut of a strain called Big Mac that was Big Bud x Mikado, it remains in my top 5 for it's distinct taste and narcotic potency. I would wager it was a fortunate cross however as the only positive trait Big Bud typically passes on is yield. Like I said genetics are practically worldwide.
  10. I couldn't agree more Resto. The world is so connected now that the "best" genetics travel world wide. Everyone has their preferences. Quality over quantity for me.
  11. @landraceseeds Like resto said, Michigan, USA. This forum is for MMMP discussion but anyone who loves the plant is welcome. I feel like we have a communication barrier. Seeds are not hard to get a hold of. Modern hybrids are a necessary beast in my opinion, all the meds I grow are modern hybrids. However preserving the cultivars of the world and their respective history is something I feel is important and take part in. @Restorium I had a good chuckle when I read your reply, so true! My interest is in the medicinal value of tradition hashish/charas cultivars for pain relief. Traditional ganja cultivars are not something I am at all interested in.
  12. Yeah there is a big difference between pure "landrace" genetics and the cultivars and hybrids of cannabis we are discussing. Remember, it is believed that all cannabis started as one landrace, probably somewhere around Yunnan China or the foothills of the Himalayas. It is because of trade (dispersion), cultivation (selection of traits), isolation (divergence of genetics), and later hybridizations again through the same mechanisms that we have modern regional/ethnic cultivars. landrace: wild(natural) or feral(escaped cultivar) cannabis, no human intervention. Not available from any seed companies I am aware of. cultivars: containing landrace genetics, sometimes pure, sometimes a hybrid of numerous landrace genetics, noting hybridization could have occurred over centuries as depicted by Vavilovs observations in Afghanistan during the 30's compared to the cultivars grown by afghan farmers today, but having been selectively breed over many generations, in specific regions, by specific people, for specific reasons. Basically each family of farmers will have slightly different representations of the same pure landrace genetics. Yes, at some point there can be a significant divergence between cultivars that started form the same seed stock. modern "worked" lines: various seed companies have lines of cultivars they have worked, for specific traits, that are very different representations form the original pure cultivar seed stock they started with. So just because a cultivar has been selectively breed for specific traits does not mean it is not of "pure" genetics. I hope I helped to clear up the confusion.
  13. There is also a short strain called Watani from the same region. However, if you have MIS seeds that are producing short plants it is likely a worked line and there for a poor representation of the current MIS Afghan cultivar. None the less, short plants do not necessarily mean they are not pure afghan genetics, just worked pure afghan genetics. So if you desire MIS for ganja (flower/bud) as opposed to charas/hashish, a worked line may be your best bet. Just thought I'd add that : ) I have: Mazar-I-Sharif from Real Seed Co (open pollinated pure genetics), Chitrali from Real Seed Co (open pollinated pure genetics), Columbian Gold from World of Seeds (worked but pure), Afghan Kush from World of Seeds (worked but pure), Brazil Amazonia form World of Seeds (worked but apparently pure)
  14. Awesome that he changed his tune back to reality!
  15. I personally count any cutting that I intend to root and grow out as one of my plants.
  16. Thanks for the response! I didn't phrase the question very well. I'm wondering if caregivers who grow more than 12 plants, and who are currently allowed to posses 15oz. will be legally allowed to posses more than 15oz. if " the excess marihuana is stored in a container or area equipped with locks or other functioning security devices that restrict access to the contents of the container or area." ? It would be a whole hell of a lot easier to consistently supply 5 patients and a patient/caregiver if this is the case when the CRMLA passes.
  17. Any thoughts on these possession limits applying to caregivers with more than 12 plants?
  18. First question is do you have your MMMP registration card? If yes, did you elect to retain your plant rights when you filled our your application? If you did your card will say YES in the authorized to posses plants section. Which means your good to grow 12 plants for yourself and posses 2.5oz for yourself. If you have grow questions, head over to the grow section and myself and others will be happy to help. If you already have your MMMP registration card but it says NO in the authorized to posses plants section, you will need to submit this form with the $10 to change that: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/Change_Plant_Possession_602508_7.pdf If you don't have your MMMP registration card, you'll have to get that process taken care of making sure to elect to retain your plant rights. Start here: https://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571_79575---,00.html
  19. That's pretty cool a plant in veg and flower simultaneously, wow.
  20. In veg a small amount of light leak is ok. No such thing as a dumb ? in the pursuit of knowledge. Hell yeah if the mutants are sticky icky and stank dank, keep 'em. Remain vigilant though, if male flowers pop up you'll want to at least snip them out if you want to avoid culling. When cannabis produces seed it reduces overall potency and medicinal value. Your choice of snipping the male flowers or culling the plant would depend on how many male flowers pop up and how bad you need meds. I totally understand gambling it at this point to get meds as soon as possible! I only recommended culling as a means to free up plant numbers to be able to select from reputable seed stock.
  21. Best advice I can give to a new grower in this situation is as follows: Flower off your non mutated somewhat normal looking plants, under 12/12. Cull all the mutated plants, they will just be trouble. Keep a close eye on the remaining plants for males and hermaphrodite flowers, cull any that pop up. Do not take clones, these genetics will likely be problematic and will only frustrate a new grower. You have no idea what the CL buster sold you, so cut your losses and move on to AmishRnot4ganjas suggestion of reputable seeds. Heck, get feminized seed if you can't wait to select for sex. I choose to only use regular seed myself. Lighting cycles: Veg: 18/6 is tried and true * any more and your plants will be stressed. Cannabis falls asleep anyway, even with lights on in a 18-24hr on scenario. Even 18/6 is unnecessary, ganja doesn't grow naturally at 60* north latitude... Think about it lol. Flower: 12/12 is tried and true and will give good results to a budding grower (pun intended).
  22. You are right, the caregiver/patient system is currently protected under the MMMA and MMMP. Note that caregiver sales to dispensaries was never explicitly allowed prior to the passage of the MMFLA, and are undoubtedly not allowed now. However registered caregiver to patient relationships have been legal since the beginning and remain legal now. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the news, this forum and planet green trees radio for any potential changes. Again no changes to worry about as of now. The MMFLA is a separate bill focused on the business side of things.
  23. ^^^This is what comes next as I understand it. Great to see things moving in the right direction!
  24. Here's a shot of Cataract Kush from DNA Genetics just a day or two from being ripe with the larger fan leaves cannibalizing nicely. Organically grown in super soil under DIY LED lights. This strain is excellent for pain relief and relaxing muscle spasms.
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