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  1. that's cool man. if there would have been a war while I was in I would have gone. i have end stage cancer and am looking for someone who works with consentrates. I sent my check into LARA June 1. Waiting for card. do you know where st. helen is?
  2. I spent 4 years in the Marines and 6 years in the Army. But it was the reserves, am I still welcome here?
  3. Hello my name is Dave i am 58 and have end stage cancer, i need help with sleep and pain. Anyone out there?
  4. i have been trying to reach you but i aint real good with a computer so i didnt know if you ever got my message? i live in st. helen a small town by west branch. i stopped using med mj in 16 and my new dr. thinks it might be good for me to go back. i have sent my paperwork and check in a bout 2 weeks ago. just waiting for my card. i have end stage cancer, deader than george washington. but, life goes on and keep a keep a good thought. i enjoy the consentrates but grew up with flower. i am 58, worked all my life just an east going guy. on ssi and ssd with a small pension, i have a sma
  5. The reserves is all.

  6. I am interested I live in northern mich and care givers are hard to find. (Contact poster via private message no private phone # in open forums)
  7. Old Marine,  just tried some agent orange.  great flower.  I am looking for a care giver let me know if you can help me out.  merry christmas,  Dave.

  8. Hello my name is Dave Whitman I need to get a Dr. and certified. I am low income and have end stage cancer. Can you help me. 989-389-6030
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