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  1. Compared to limited license states this is nothing. Read the law, make sure you're compliant, put up the appropriate capital and you'll get a state license as far as I can tell... but I agree with your points regarding LARA. I'm apprehensive about disclosing that information but overall willing to take the risk.
  2. I'm talking about applying for a license for 500-1500 plants under the MMMP, so that is dependent on which counties/municipalities/etc issue licenses for outdoor operations. But yes, otherwise the rules overall seem friendly. (Quote from the emergency rules)
  3. Hi, I'm a current indoor cultivating caregiver. A friend and I would like to apply for a license and utilize it for outdoor/maybe a hoophouse, and are curious what places y'all have seen that are friendly to outdoor cultivation.
  4. Any updates to this topic? Perhaps one of us should create a google drive doc or something that can be updated
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