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  1. Effin A, boys and girls! A effing judge said that! Wow, gets better and better! 10 years ago we couldn't have paid a judge to say that!
  2. Wow Just wow. Ten years ago, we were celebrating med legalization. Now talk from the Fed to legalize? Just WOW🤙
  3. I am unable to help, but here's a bump to let you know folks see ya Are these locally grown/crossed genetics or from the big seed banks? I am rooting for you and looking forwards to seeing how they do! Please give us a review when the girls graduate!😉🤙
  4. Investing in Cannabis

    Right on, brother! No matter how well you try to eat (I've lost 100lb in the past year, eating well has been my #1 priority) you can't escape the garbage!
  5. Investing in Cannabis

    And you're entitled to, but I'm here you tell ya- you're getting gmo's daily, whether you like it or not
  6. Investing in Cannabis

    Don't underestimate them. Seed breeders do not have the real estate or as deep of pockets as monsanto and others. If they chose, they could probably grow all current strains and run them multiple ways (each strain being crossed many times over all at the same time). I'd use gmo cannabis, the term gmo is just a scare tactic imo. I grew up in agriculture and in my experience most folks don't even know what the term means. More concerning than gmo in our flower and concentrates are the residuals from solvents, the pesticides and the ferts and nutes being used to grow. There isn't any shortage on people willing to ingest bho residue In actuality, Monsanto could probably breed flower that takes half as long to grow, is mite, mold and mildew resistant, and is resistant to damage from all sorts of growing problems It's going to happen, I wouldn't be surprised if they have stuff already underway. These type companies are led by the smell of money
  7. Totally new to vaping--basic questions

    If you're using a co2 oil cartridge, a couple drags will do you. It hits you pretty quick. Most effective is a slow, direct lung hit (like a joint). The oil is pretty thick and the viscosity slows it's wicking into the coil, so don't try to hotbox it (give it 30 seconds or so to resaturate with oil if it starts tasting "burning") Lower power is better with the cheap arsed carts they use, so keep it under 3volts if possible. Not enough power and you'll get hardly anything. Too much power, and it will give you a burnt hit, start to degrade your wick (the moisture of the oil is what is keeping the wick from catching fire) and possibly ruin your oil (will cause the oil in the tank to heat up) It's discreet (visual and olfactory), easy and POTENT. I think majority of them are 70's? 80's? Personally, I think it's a cleaner feeling effect, but it lacks a little in the body high area. So, if I want the full shebang I skip to the pax for dry flower.... Just takes longer, much less discreet and the smell is strong. But! The flavor from vaped dry flower is second to none! However, some flower is best not vaped... Like GMO... It tasted like I gargled skunk spray, after vaping that skunky, sulphury, dank flower!
  8. House Bill Seeks To End War On Marijuana

    I question if this will go anywhere or if this is just "busy" work for them. Has there been any comments as to the prognosis of this bill? I always wonder if these uphill struggles are legit, or if it's just to show they're doing something. Almost like they know it will fail, so they don't try too hard, because they just needed to show some productivity. Kinda like curing cancer. No one expects them to do it at this point, but people get paid to work all day, companies get paid for the research and products, despite little forward progression.... All with no one actually expecting them to find a cure. I would LOVE to have a job with no expectations other than, "show up and do sumthin" But, 10 years ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me cannabis would be on our 2018 ballot for rec use Htf did we sneak this one past them!??😂 I credit our bad economy as the reason we may have rec use. It's because the state Gov is all like: 💲
  9. THC/CBD Shots

    Good point My question is if there is enough there to get any benefit with sublingual absorption. I sucked on a candy for half an hour, trying not to produce too much saliva (it is the start of food breakdown) and swallowing as little as possible. Felt very little benefit, and I did have to swallow mouth loads of saliva a couple times. So not sure of sublingual vs gastro
  10. THC/CBD Shots

    Yep, agree Every time it's processed, it loses a portion of the good stuff.
  11. THC/CBD Shots

    I agree, resto All I can envision with these cannadrinks is my child seeing it in the fridge (can't imagine people would want them warm) and wanting to try the new fruit drink. Same with brownies or cookies. GREAT caution needs to be employed regardless, but especially items that will appeal to children. This is something we've been battling in the ecig industry for a while- product packaging that appeal to children, like fruity pebbles flavored vape, for example. Kids see the yummy-looking bottle and want some. They see a brownie, and they'll want one.
  12. Bills Would Defund Federal Civil Forfeiture

    Is it constitutional to take people's money that they spent to be as legal as allowed and use that money to try to bust them? Why do we get no say in how our license fee money is used? I thought I was paying for protection, not for the hiring more of them to try to harm me. I feel they are wasting our money
  13. THC/CBD Shots

    I agree. Thc beverages are becoming quite popular lately, however there are plenty other edibles. Here's my view- I don't smoke anything, smoking is TERRIBLE for you. I used to smoke cigs and quit using ecigs. I now vape everything I can, and quite frankly, given the choice of not using mmj or ONLY smoking it, I'd give it up. Quite literally, smoking is like taking an abrasive to an area already irritated (like a healing cut on your hand, your lungs are constantly irritated and inflamed) 20 times a day (in the case of 1ppd) for 5 minutes at a time. Smoking flower is obviously not as detrimental as smoking cigs choked full of government-approved bunny muffin that will kill ya. Anyway- I use a pax to vape my flower. This takes considerably more time than smoking it (still way more than worth it). (My point, peaking out of all the rambling nonsense and tangents is this:) TIME- I don't always have time to vape 10 minutes per oven load. Depending on quality, I could be there 20 minutes to half an hour. I LOVE flower and everything about it, however we're trying to achieve a result. Therefore, beverages are not appealing to me. I want to ingest and be done. Couple-bites, swallow a cap, etc., but I don't want to have to sip on a beverage to do what could otherwise be done in short order. As for a shot? Way too much hassle compared to gummies, caps, one of the million other edibles. Seems to me this is a novelty-type product. Not needed, superfluous, yet it might appeal to someone. I'm not saying you're not a genius or anything, but cali, colo, wash and oreg are packed full of cannageniuses. Look west, young man- it has probably been done. Ever had bulletproof coffee? It's coffee blended with coconut oil and butter. Use cannabutter and cannonut oil for a more pleasant coffee😉 (why do I mention that here? Because I have adhd and something just reminded me of it😂😂 gotta write this bunny muffin down SOMEWHERE, lest I forget🤣) Seriously, was just thinking I could dissolve some crown caps in lieu of the coconut oil... I'd rather swallow a couple caps (takes more medibles for us bigger fellas- more fat to be dispersed though) where I don't taste the rest of the bunny muffin trying to mask the taste of flower. Then, I just get to taste the cannaburps. LOOK AT THAT SQUIRREL! WTF IS IT DOING? Gotta go
  14. THC/CBD Shots

    It's probable it is not dissolved, but merely suspended in the water (shake well before using )