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  1. I've been trying to figure out why all of a sudden Republicans are for legalizing rec. use Then I come across the reasons- 1) they are worried it will drive up democratic turn out in November, AND 2) it'll be much easier to eff up/change if it's passed through a vote now, than if it goes to public vote. Sneaky bass turds
  2. Phil69

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Yeah, no I won't be quiet. Until there is a better way to get pt's meds, resources like this are valuable. This "your information is it there for every one" nonsense? I remember when a dude started offering testing for thc on this site 10 years ago. His idea was poopoo'd by quite a few people here. Now- how many disp's sell without having testing done? If no one tried anything new or didn't go against mainstream, we'd still be consuming flower in secrecy with no legal protection.
  3. Phil69

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Always be wary, always protect yourself. However, used wisely can be a valuable resource. Also, too the nay sayers- Remember, you may have flower coming out your ears and friends that have bud-cornucopia pockets, but there ARE those of us who have zero of your resources and need a way to network. Quite often we (low bud resource folks) are chastised for trying new avenues, but no one who chastises has EVER offered to help me network. I used gm and found a couple AWESOME prospective cg's, one of whom is now MY cg. That was thanks to NO ONE, except gm. You may not need gm, you may not trust it, but it works and i don't care eff all if anyone thinks I'm a shill. Gm works and i found a VERY-networked cg that is kind, empathetic, generous (VERY gen with fire flower) and with their network is able to get me whatever I need, even from other friendly states. I say this with no spite or malice to anyone here, but i want to be clear. I have spoken to quite a few new mmj patients. They often have the same problem i did with connections. If you are connected, great! What are YOU doing HERE on this site to HELP pts in their cg search. I promise, proportionally there are just as many scammers lurking here as on gm. At least on gm you have a better shot at hooking up with a legitimate cg. No where does it say you HAVE to sell to anyone who does not sign up as your pt. If you did or do, that's on you and it's a choice YOU made. I see a lot of folks on there looking for pts, but don't want to give patient prices. Why would they sign up with you if you will continue to sell flower at prices only slightly better than disp's? It goes both ways. Don't be too critical of the starving as you watch them whilst eating a steak in your posh palace. You may have fire at your disposal, but there are people struggling more now that they're legal just to score some ditchweed. Through due diligence and time, you will sort the wheat from the chaff. It IS an immense resource. Maybe not to you, but plenty have, and continue to be helped
  4. Phil69

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    To use it, you have to upload your card and another identification and verify you are legit. I've used it and have met some really cool people, including my current cg I had VERY few sources, so i knew no one that i could even ask to be a cg (growing my own was/ is not an option). It is a viable source of networking, but be careful! Always check the person your dealing with is legit, and double check info in person. However, if you're a patient, the seller is the one with legal risk, correct?
  5. Phil69

    Money Order Still Not Cashed...

    I received my cert on December 5th, received my card January 11th. I had holidays in there, so that delayed it. You had a holiday, too, plus they've moved, so that may delay, too. I know how you're feeling. Hoping to be THAT GUY who got his card earlier than most. Don't stress. Gven time and patience, it will come🤙
  6. Phil69

    Differences between these concentrates

    They should be able to tell you what the potency is where you buy them.🤙 Some add terps, some don't. Doesn't take much to thin the oil out enough to vape. Those cheap little carts are schnitt, though. The oil is too viscous for those tiny arsed holes. You need to give them time between hits to allow the wick to resaturate with oil, or you start burning the wick. I will say, I have had great luck diluting the oil with pg (I vape ecigs and make my own liquid). Little loss in potency, but wicks a helluva lot better. It is evidenced but the juice being used up faster, as well. It is possible the co2 from Cali is diluted. But, I have no clue. All the co2 oil been in contact with is pretty viscous.
  7. Isn't that a conflict of interest? Is our government proud of all the people it's killing by pushing opiods? And, no one is speculating anything with regards to big pharma fighting legalization or de/reschedulization. That is obvious, no speculating. Gosh, it'd be kinda embarrassing to be tied to big pharma with the opiod epidemic. And, the news reporter is only focused on getting him to darn himself by supporting cannabis. Seems Sessions'ish, to me.
  8. Effin A, boys and girls! A effing judge said that! Wow, gets better and better! 10 years ago we couldn't have paid a judge to say that!
  9. Wow Just wow. Ten years ago, we were celebrating med legalization. Now talk from the Fed to legalize? Just WOW🤙
  10. I am unable to help, but here's a bump to let you know folks see ya Are these locally grown/crossed genetics or from the big seed banks? I am rooting for you and looking forwards to seeing how they do! Please give us a review when the girls graduate!😉🤙
  11. Phil69

    Investing in Cannabis

    Right on, brother! No matter how well you try to eat (I've lost 100lb in the past year, eating well has been my #1 priority) you can't escape the garbage!
  12. Phil69

    Investing in Cannabis

    And you're entitled to, but I'm here you tell ya- you're getting gmo's daily, whether you like it or not
  13. Phil69

    Investing in Cannabis

    Don't underestimate them. Seed breeders do not have the real estate or as deep of pockets as monsanto and others. If they chose, they could probably grow all current strains and run them multiple ways (each strain being crossed many times over all at the same time). I'd use gmo cannabis, the term gmo is just a scare tactic imo. I grew up in agriculture and in my experience most folks don't even know what the term means. More concerning than gmo in our flower and concentrates are the residuals from solvents, the pesticides and the ferts and nutes being used to grow. There isn't any shortage on people willing to ingest bho residue In actuality, Monsanto could probably breed flower that takes half as long to grow, is mite, mold and mildew resistant, and is resistant to damage from all sorts of growing problems It's going to happen, I wouldn't be surprised if they have stuff already underway. These type companies are led by the smell of money