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  1. The House Judiciary Committee has approved a bill Wednesday that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019, or MORE Act, passed 24-10 after more than two hours of debate. It now heads to the full House. The bill would remove marijuana from the list of federally controlled substances, allow states to set their own marijuana policy and require federal courts to expunge prior convictions for marijuana offenses. A 5% tax on marijuana products would also establish a trust fund for programs designed to help people disproportionately impacted by the "war on drugs," including job training an..... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/more-act-bill-that-would-federally-decriminalize-marijuana-passes-house-committee-today-2019-11-20/
  2. We called it Christmas Tree, was around southwest Michigan in late 90's, early 00's, as well. That was before we got it hands on good stuff regularly, though. My two cousins and I smoked a pinner no larger than two toothpicks. Man, that was THE BEST stuff I had ever had. We laughed SO hard for SO long! Not sure how it would compare to stuff we have nowadays, though. Suspect it might be like "that one candy" you had as a kid, but couldn't find again for 30 years. Then after finding it again, you wonder why you had been yearning for it all those years :) I suspect it was so good, because I was used to ditch and brick weed. Might not compare to the strains nowadays. I have had a couple strains I've done that with (looked for years and years to find it again, then when found was disappointed).
  3. I've not made my own oil yet, just have a press that I built with a harbor freight press, couple aluminum blocks, couple controllers and a couple heat rods. If I get into making oil, I'll check out some ceramic carts ๐Ÿ‘
  4. Ooze makes some great stuff!! I love their gusher dab atomizer! They're 10 bucks and work a treat! Never tried their refillable oil carts, but that sounds awesome! Great stuff!
  5. I don't like smoking, so I vape. I use a pax2 or usually try to get claw cartridges. Vaping dry with the pax is much more pleasant, for me. For one, you get to taste the bud, but it is also longer lasting and way less anxiety/paranoia inducing for me. The convenience of vape pens is hard to beat, though- no grinder, loading the pax, cleaning, and most of all- that they're virtually undetectable (no smell). Once you get the hang of how to load the pax it's awesome, though. I've got a volcano, but it's too much hassle, for my taste. I've not tried any handheld vaporizers newer than the pax2, though- there could be better ones yet. But yeah, I agree vaping oil causes much anxiety for me. So much so, that I've been on a 5 month vacation from bud due to the anxiety/depression I was developing from carts only (I was getting carts for cheaper than I could get bud- growing isn't an option for me). They're quick and easy, but it seems they lack the calming chemicals in bud (again, just my experience). Even the indica carts- they either made me paranoid af about life (even when not high) or put me to sleep. They also greatly increased how quickly my tolerance went up. At first, a couple puffs would do the deed, then 10, then..... In the future, I may supplement with oil, but dry vape will be my go to. Plus, the flavor from dry vape is untouchable! You can't taste half the flavor, smoking it (ime )
  6. The gusher globe (ooze brand) works a treat. Just a dab pen type, but I've used oil and rosin. Small, convenient and CHEAP (get mine from wild Bill's tobacco for around 10 bucks). Nice thing because they're cheap, is when it fouls up, just toss and grab a new one. Another option (not a cart or concentrate device) is the pax. I've got a pax 2 and it does a fantastic job at vaporizing the oil from your finely ground flower (too coarse, and you don't get all the oils out; I just use a regular handheld grinder). There is a slight learning curve to them, and while you never get 100 percent of oil vaporized, I've found it to be more efficient that combustion and a heck of a lot easier on the lungs. Plus, the flavor is effing BEAUTIFUL! You get full flavor of your flower's oil, until the load starts to dry, then a bit of a toast/popcorn flavor. I highly recommend the pax 2, but is the only higher end bud vape I've used besides my volcano. I've used cheaper flower vape devices, and they haven't been as good. Avoid devices with a lot of plastic, it melts. I prefer the pax over my volcano, even. My 2 cents
  7. I used to go to lake effect in portage, but they're closed. Anyone know of places still open southwest corner of state? (Weren't many over here, anyway)
  8. Also, the rise is cannabis with driving- they didn't have a roadside test until recent years. How can they claim there has been a rise in numbers when they don't have any data to compare with? I personally don't feel there has been a rise in driving/cannabis, they're are just trapping more people because they can now test for it.
  9. Sounds fishy. Are you in Georgia still? (I would guess that's the case, or you'd have a Michigan mmj card) trying to cheat the system isn't going to work, and no reputable shop here is going to risk their future. Anyone you find who will sell to you with that card isn't going to be less risky than just buying it from folks down there. I mean (and I've never heard of a low thc registry, so not an expert), there are very few loopholes in these laws (mostly because they're made so restrictive in the first place) and if you think you've found one, I promise- you aren't the first and measures have been taken against the holes. And, being Georgia isn't on the medical mj list above, I don't think they're going to let you shop at Costco with your Sam's Club card. again, not an expert. apple and oranges Going to be legal here soon, anyway. Why risk your money, assets, time and possibly, freedom? (in the event you're now a Michigan resident)
  10. You're right- medicated does not equal impaired. Should have said- if you have a card, you are not in danger if not impaired at time of stop. But I also recognize it's a deep rabbit hole in how leo determines impairment. There is too much power in leo's hands, facts can easily be created or manipulated. Unfortunately, we're subject to the guilty until proven innocent rule. How do you prove you weren't impaired (maybe at a later date) when it's automatically assumed leo is on the up and up? Personally, I don't go out much and don't vape my oil when I do. I also do not transport my cannabis unless I have to (only use it at home, only transport to bring home). I will not give them the ammo to condemn me by having my stash with me I understand others have different situations (needing to use it more often, etc), so no judgements from me.
  11. If you have a card, having it in your system is allowed (korman just posted an except from the law in another thread)
  12. Sometime here mentioned 45 days after it passes. So, some time in December (to lazy to do math right now :P)
  13. I wouldn't do it. All it takes is for them to disagree with what you say, and they call your boss to dish out the goods. It would be a conflict of interest, and your boss could argue you are helping the pt harm themselves (your boss is not obligated to feel the same towards cannabis as we do). Nothing boss could do as long as your dropping clean IF the person was not under your authority. In your case, I don't know, but I would not touch it with your 10-foot pole. If you're hoping this will allow you to partake in cannabis, and free you from whizz quiz worries, it will not. If that test shows positive, they don't care what your excuse is- federally still illegal and they participate with a lot of federal programs
  14. Disagree. Disps in Lansing and southwest Michigan have all been priced appropriately, imo. I stick to oil now, but I disagree with your blanket statement. Guess I only shop the good stuff at the right places If you know what you're looking for, you won't get burned by anyone. If you've been around a turn or two, you won't be deceived by pretty girls, flashy lights or loud music.
  15. Actually, old 27 had a beautiful tender (was last there like 6 months ago). Lake effect in portage also has a beautiful tender (females)
  16. My cg gave me at least 1oz, up to 2.5oz for free per month. She and her associates supplied overages to disp's in Lansing, as well as the biggest one in my area. These folks know what they're doing, with large harvests turning over every 3-4 months Believe it or not, idc. They are rare, but they are out there. You may not see folks like that here, but this forum does not represent all cg's. My cg and her associates don't frequent this forum. I left, because I'm strictly using vfire pods now, and she did not get those in, just normal carts. (The vfire pods are potent af, with no smell to offend nosey snoopers). She also moved out of state, so it was a mutual breakup๐Ÿ˜œ Get out and vote! ๐Ÿ˜ (when I originally joined this forum in '08 or '09, I was in shocked, but elated it was legal for medicinal use. Can't believe we may even get rec use!)๐Ÿ˜
  17. I've been trying to figure out why all of a sudden Republicans are for legalizing rec. use Then I come across the reasons- 1) they are worried it will drive up democratic turn out in November, AND 2) it'll be much easier to eff up/change if it's passed through a vote now, than if it goes to public vote. Sneaky bass turds
  18. Yeah, no I won't be quiet. Until there is a better way to get pt's meds, resources like this are valuable. This "your information is it there for every one" nonsense? I remember when a dude started offering testing for thc on this site 10 years ago. His idea was poopoo'd by quite a few people here. Now- how many disp's sell without having testing done? If no one tried anything new or didn't go against mainstream, we'd still be consuming flower in secrecy with no legal protection.
  19. Always be wary, always protect yourself. However, used wisely can be a valuable resource. Also, too the nay sayers- Remember, you may have flower coming out your ears and friends that have bud-cornucopia pockets, but there ARE those of us who have zero of your resources and need a way to network. Quite often we (low bud resource folks) are chastised for trying new avenues, but no one who chastises has EVER offered to help me network. I used gm and found a couple AWESOME prospective cg's, one of whom is now MY cg. That was thanks to NO ONE, except gm. You may not need gm, you may not trust it, but it works and i don't care eff all if anyone thinks I'm a shill. Gm works and i found a VERY-networked cg that is kind, empathetic, generous (VERY gen with fire flower) and with their network is able to get me whatever I need, even from other friendly states. I say this with no spite or malice to anyone here, but i want to be clear. I have spoken to quite a few new mmj patients. They often have the same problem i did with connections. If you are connected, great! What are YOU doing HERE on this site to HELP pts in their cg search. I promise, proportionally there are just as many scammers lurking here as on gm. At least on gm you have a better shot at hooking up with a legitimate cg. No where does it say you HAVE to sell to anyone who does not sign up as your pt. If you did or do, that's on you and it's a choice YOU made. I see a lot of folks on there looking for pts, but don't want to give patient prices. Why would they sign up with you if you will continue to sell flower at prices only slightly better than disp's? It goes both ways. Don't be too critical of the starving as you watch them whilst eating a steak in your posh palace. You may have fire at your disposal, but there are people struggling more now that they're legal just to score some ditchweed. Through due diligence and time, you will sort the wheat from the chaff. It IS an immense resource. Maybe not to you, but plenty have, and continue to be helped
  20. To use it, you have to upload your card and another identification and verify you are legit. I've used it and have met some really cool people, including my current cg I had VERY few sources, so i knew no one that i could even ask to be a cg (growing my own was/ is not an option). It is a viable source of networking, but be careful! Always check the person your dealing with is legit, and double check info in person. However, if you're a patient, the seller is the one with legal risk, correct?
  21. I received my cert on December 5th, received my card January 11th. I had holidays in there, so that delayed it. You had a holiday, too, plus they've moved, so that may delay, too. I know how you're feeling. Hoping to be THAT GUY who got his card earlier than most. Don't stress. Gven time and patience, it will come๐Ÿค™
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