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  1. Thank You for your kind words. I was/am getting discouraged with the whole thing. If you don’t have a caregiver, how do you find a good one? Do you have to have one? Can I just go to a dispensary with my card? Are there any you recommend (as close to Oakland County as possible
  2. If anxiety is a problem for you, which variety/ strain is best to avoid paranoia? Schizophrenia runs in my family, so this is a big concern. Should I seek a hemp oil/CBD alternative? If so, how do you know which kind you’re getting?
  3. Does anybody know if tinctures are more expensive that other carriers? Are they harder to find?
  4. Oakland County. Applied for card but waiting on sending check to state until I find a caregiver.
  5. I am in southeast Mi. Do you serve Rochester?
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