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  1. Probation???

    I was hoping it would exempt me from going on probation all together
  2. Probation???

    Ive been rolled up on by the cops smoking pot in high school but they never did anything. Also, I am from California
  3. Probation???

    It is my first charge, and msp is prosecuting me. From what I remember they confiscated my griner which contained kief too.
  4. Probation???

    I appreciate it, thank you
  5. Probation???

    I was actually smoking outside my dorm building while he was smoking straight up inside our room. It is a weird situation. The cops that busted me had no idea who/where/when my roommate got caught, they were just after me
  6. Probation???

    My roommate never delt a judge/attorney for his situation. They just let him be even without his medical card.
  7. Probation???

  8. Probation???

    Thank you for your input. I find it funny though how my roommate also got caught smoking in the dorm by the police and all he had to do was take a class through the school with zero fines.
  9. Probation???

    is there What could be another option besides probation? Could I just get hit with a fine?
  10. Probation???

    I am a student at Michigan State University and last year as a freshman I got busted smoking pot on campus. I know this was self-inflicted and I was violating the rules for the medical laws by being on campus but I didnt think it would be this big of a deal. I met with my lawyer today to discuss my possession charges and he said I am looking at 6 months probation even though I had my medical card. Any comments?? Why am i getting probation even though legally I am allowed to possess marijuana?