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  1. I dont hide anything. I went on a ruck march and smoked hash for the entire march. People could smell it but nobody said anuthing. Of course it was a group of vets. Weed and vets go together like eggs and bacon.
  2. Im a DV in Kazoo. Im a CG and certified grower.
  3. I was on this site and met alot of good people. Recently gm announced it was going to strictly pay site. I emailed the owner/ceo and asked him why his decision to go to a pay site. He replied that he is sick of the freeloaders making money as caregivers and not picking a pay plan. So i guess if your a free member on that site your a freeloader. I will not be paying to be on that site.
  4. JAM


    Looking for patients kalamazoo/portage mi area.
  5. Caregiver accepting patients in kalamazoo and immediate surrounding areas.
  6. JAM


    Looking for patients kalamazoo and immediate surrounding areas.
  7. Hi sparky (Contact poster via private message no private phone numbers or emails in post please for safety reasons.)
  8. 2 things that tinkle me off about this article. 1, the quote that states not much research has been done on the effects of medical marijuana. Oh really? Than what is the grow facility in Biloxi Mississippi that is government ran and that has roughly 4 patients it supplies to. 2. Before Sessions starts going after states, he first needs to go after the U.S. Government for maintaining a rather large and robust grow facility in Biloxi. So very hippocritical.
  9. I'm a certified grower and caregiver. When you get your car let me know.
  10. I am currently accepting patients in Kalamazoo/portage and surrounding area. Drop me a line. Thank you.
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