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  1. I have bud, canna caps, gummies, coconut oil. Clean, great quality meds.
  2. JAM


    Does anybody blast trim for shatter in portage/Kalamazoo area?
  3. Kalamazoo/Portage area. Great quality meds
  4. I dont hide anything. I went on a ruck march and smoked hash for the entire march. People could smell it but nobody said anuthing. Of course it was a group of vets. Weed and vets go together like eggs and bacon.
  5. Im a DV in Kazoo. Im a CG and certified grower.
  6. I was on this site and met alot of good people. Recently gm announced it was going to strictly pay site. I emailed the owner/ceo and asked him why his decision to go to a pay site. He replied that he is sick of the freeloaders making money as caregivers and not picking a pay plan. So i guess if your a free member on that site your a freeloader. I will not be paying to be on that site.
  7. JAM


    Looking for patients kalamazoo/portage mi area.
  8. Caregiver accepting patients in kalamazoo and immediate surrounding areas.
  9. JAM


    Looking for patients kalamazoo and immediate surrounding areas.
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