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  2. I just do not want any legal grief. I am dealing with enough with my wife's recent diagnosis of cancer. Her caregiver basically rode on his patients backs until he applied for a commercial liscence. He never even grew her requested strains. So she is fed up and knows what my true intentions are. Her survival not my profit. Sometimes people just make bad choices. Those situations do not show true personality necessarily. But my interpretation of the law is that it's a state by state issue currently. Until federal government decriminalization. I've tried to contact a lawyer with the simple question of interpretation with no response from them yet. I am going to give it a go. She needs a reliable source of unadulterated medicine for the treatment she will be undergoing.
  3. Mi law and caregiver requirements. Interpretation : If I have been a Michigan resident for over two years, and never been in any legal trouble in Michigan . I could become my wife's caregiver? As she has recently requested of me. State law is in reference specifically to which state it is in place correct? Unless as in business liscence makes the specifications of any legal trouble in Any state.? Would appreciate input on this issue.
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