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  1. I am searching for a caregiver. I have my hard card but am having a hard time medicating at dispensary prices. I'm the only source of income and its been a very rough winter with how little snow we have gotten. I may not be the biggest spender but I try to stay consistent with my medicine.
  2. My current caregiver is a jackass. I have had my card with him since September and have not been able to get any meds from him. After his last crop he made up a bunch of bogus excuses about bud being seeded or that he didn't have any of several strains that he flowered out. I was made aware from another patient of his that there was nothing wrong with the strains and that my caregiver had plenty. I had also worked for my caregiver full time in the gardens up until he ran into issues with the city he is in. At that point I moved on to a job that had steady hours and a steady pay (and the job happens to be next door to my current caregivers gardens). That's when all of my issues with my caregiver started. I was no longer a "useful tool" for my caregiver so he Basicly cut me off. He will walk into our building to chat with my boss yet won't say much to me. Now with that all out of the way. I am currently looking for a new caregiver. I understand that I cost quite a bit to grow a patient's meds, I am not looking for freebies (even though some would be awesome). I am looking for a caregiver who can give me a better deal than the dispensaries. I do prefer sativas, sativa dominant hybrids and pure 50/50 hybrids as I have found those to be the most help for me. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read all of this.
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