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    In Search of CG in Gogebic county UP

    Yes... i get all that. And yes, you are right for the most part. I had left the area and was told I'd get "back meds" upon my return. Now that convo never happened. The meds grown for me (1 of 4 patients) were sold to pay start up fees, from what i gather. I AM LOOKING for a new CG here. I have grown and tended numerous grows, i understand the cost. But when they grow and sell it on the side then tell me they're out...or when someone changes a verbal agreement retroactively to suit their needs.... when I'm told it's organic but it isn't.... these are unrelated to cost. My anxiety has been thru the roof dealing with them but there is NO WAY to connect with CG in this county. This is my only option.... I've exhausted fb, word of mouth, etc. So... Again.. In search of CG in Gogebic county yoop / UP. Help!
  2. Hey guys! I am having serious difficulty finding a REAL organic grower(/cg) for my meds. Am especially shocked that the single cg i found can't supply the amount i need nor will he supply me the back amount owed to me... it's almost a yr in and i received a couple EXTREMELY seeded oz/mo....for 3months. Help. PLEASE HELP?!?! Sooooooo hurt, tired, broke, and frustrated.