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  1. notice how the article actually says 50 a lb for SHAKE or TRIM... which is still cheap... flower in oregon at a rec dispensary can be had for 40 bux an ounce, but its not pretty, its scooter outdoor boof bud..the top quality indoor stuff still typically goes for 100 per oz or better
  2. ill shoot you a private message. just moved to gogebic county from Denver( ironwood area) and am currently in buildout process. I can guaruntee quality, i will be providing test results( cannabinoids(high testing thc and or cbd strains and tests for residuals or contams(always negative and super low ppm, been doing this for 5 yrs in CO) Ill have Solventless extracts available as well(high grade ice water extract, and high grade low temp pressed Rosin) High quality edibles, and take requests on specific products/strains.
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