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    Southwest Michigan
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    Currently, I am focused on Cannabis Industry Investments, Private Capital Placement, Emerging Technologies, and Blockchain Integration.
    You can find me here: www.linkedin.com/in/dynabrent/ or Twitter: @dynabrent/ or directly at: hotelbrent@gmail.com or phone: 317-446-4897

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  1. I appreciate the comments regarding my post. I am a new member and it appeared to me that the only way I could post to the member's forum was by asking a question. These fees were not a surprise for us, however I wasn't sure if the community had seen the latest release of the fee information. I apologize if I am using the board incorrectly. Thank you. Brent B.
  2. LARA has just discretely posted on their website the attached document outlining 2018 Regulatory Assessment FEES. These FEES WILL impair or prevent MANY operations from participating in the State Licensing Process. LARA Regulatory Fee Assesment 3 22 18.pdf
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