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  1. Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist joined Attorney General Dana Nessel, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Congressman Dan Kildee and Genesee County Sheriff Christopher Swanson in Flint for the state’s first expungement event since the governor signed the Clean Slate bills into law. During her 2018 campaign, Governor Whitmer made expungement for marijuana convictions one of her key priorities. Upon taking office, Governor Whitmer worked with the Republican-majority legislature to pass crucial Clean Slate legislation that will help thousands of Michiganders gain emp
  2. The Michigan House has passed legislation that would close a loophole allowing the sale of unregulated THC products. Currently, some products use THC from marijuana, but are not regulated the same way. The new legislation would define all THC products as marijuana, making them subject to the same testing and regulations. Michigan legalized medical marijuana back in 2008, and recreational marijuana 10 years later in 2018. The new bill now heads to the state Senate. A new bill, HB 4517, would expand Michigan’s definition of marijuana to include THC, regardless of whether it i
  3. A federal judge in Detroit heard arguments Thursday in a legal battle that has halted the processing of applications for recreational marijuana businesses in the city. U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman last month ordered Detroit to temporarily stop processing applications amid a lawsuit that argues a provision of a new ordinance regulating recreational pot operations gives unfair preference to longtime residents deemed legacy Detroiters. Friedman granted the preliminary injunction in favor of Crystal Lowe, a resident and prospective marijuana business operator, who sued the city
  4. House Bill 4085 (2021) February 02, 2021, Introduced by Reps. Cynthia Johnson, Tyrone Carter and Jones and referred to the Committee on Tax Policy.A bill to amend 1937 PA 94, entitled “Use tax act,” (MCL 205.91 to 205.111) by adding section 4ii. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ENACT: Sec. 4ii. (1) The tax under this act does not apply to the storage, use, or consumption of marihuana and marihuana-infused product by a registered qualifying patient. (2) As used in this section, “marihuana”, “marihuana-infused product”, and “registered qualifying patient” mean those ter
  5. A Lansing man is suing five police officers, Ingham County and a confidential police informant for what he says was a mistaken identity arrest. The five officers — four from Michigan State Police and one from the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office — were working with a confidential informant who told them a man named Al Jessup could sell him heroin and cocaine, according to a police report. According to the lawsuit, the informant lied to police about the seller’s identity and police were “reckless” in relying on the information. Police bought drugs twice from a man they believed to b
  6. Executive director of Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency, Andrew Brisbo, announced a new legislative importance, that the state bring Delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids under the same regulatory framework as Delta-9 THC. HB4517 The eight bills, led by HB 4517, and sponsored by Rep. Yousef Rabhi (D- Ann Arbor) and Rep. Jim Lilly (R-Holland), would revise the definition of Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) more commonly so that not only Delta-9 THC is covered but any THC product the MRA determines has a potential for abuse. House Bill 4517 Summary The legislation experienced accolad
  7. See what your “politicians” are doing with legislature regarding Cannabis, CBD, Hemp and Delta8 as well as the manipulation of voted in laws. The list below is the result of a search in the Michigan legislature using the word Marijuana. Click the link and look for the bill summary or read the bill in detail. DocumentTypeDescriptionS.B. 0014 of 2021Senate Introduced BillCriminal procedure: jurisdiction; venue for prosecution of delivery of a controlled substance causing death; modify. Amends sec. 317a of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.317a). TIE BAR WITH: SB 0015’21S.B. 0041 of 2021Senate Introd
  8. Question List – Scroll Down For Answers Prohibited Persons/NICS Denials: I have been convicted of a felony. How do I reinstate my rights to possess a firearm?Can a person prohibited by law from possessing a firearm acquire and use a black powder muzzle loading firearm?I was the subject of a NICS check when I attempted to purchase a firearm from an FFL, and I received a delayed response or a denial. Please tell me why I did not receive a “proceed” response.Transferring/Shipping/Possession of Firearms: May I lawfully transfer a firearm to an individual who resides in a different State?
  9. Our firm gets contacted several times a week about people with a felony convictions. So how does one restore their firearms rights in Michigan after a felony conviction. Some rights are restored automatically and some require a judge’s blessing. You should do your research before hand and probably the wisest move would be to consult a lawyer. Current Law Current Michigan law (mcl-750-224f) states if you have been convicted of a felony you may not use, possess transport, sell or carry a firearm for either three or five years. 3 Years Except as provided in subsection (2), a
  10. Executive orders are directives written by the president to officials within the executive branch requiring them to take or stop some action related to policy or management. They are numbered, published in the Federal Register, and cite the authority by which the president is making the order.[1][2] April 2021 Executive Order on Worker Organizing and Empowerment (April 26, 2021)Executive Order on Blocking Property with Respect to Specified Harmful Foreign Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation (April 15, 2021)Executive Order on the Establishment of the Presidential Commi
  11. New Criminal Record Expungement Laws in Michigan went into effect on April 11, 2021. The eligibility to get records set aside varies and confuses many of those looking to get it done. The government has released many help programs but it might be wise to have a lawyer assist you. Criminal record set asides (sometimes referred to as “expungement”) can assist more people to have the opportunity to find jobs and affordable housing. A “clean slate” can help strengthen families, communities, and the chance to make a better life. A study​ found that those whose criminal records are set aside e
  12. MOUNT CLEMENS — Mount Clemens is one step closer to adopting a medical marijuana caregiver facility ordinance. At the April 5 Mount Clemens City Commission meeting, one item up for discussion was introducing and reading the ordinance, which was approved in a 4-2 vote. Its April 19 meeting, after press time, was set for when the ordinance adoption could happen. Commissioners Ron Campbell and Laura Fournier voted no. Commissioner Denise Mentzer was absent from the meeting. In November, the commission adopted a resolution establishing a moratorium on issuance of any permits, certifica
  13. The U.S. house just passed the The SAFE Banking Act (H.R.1996 — 117th Congress 2021-2022). The act would establish a safe space for financial institutions to engage in cannabis commerce. See the roll call and data of the vote here. The SAFE Banking Act is a first step in ensuring that state regulated markets can operate openly in the banking system. Still according to federal law these state markets are running a criminal enterprise as marijuana is still (as of 4/20/21) on the controlled substance list as a CS1. But the IRS still want it’s money anyway and reminded marijuana busines
  14. Qualified Immunity In the wake of unrest during 2020, questions have come to light with regard to how the existing qualified immunity law regulates the conduct of local police officers and political officials. Qualified immunity is a judicially created doctrine sheltering public officials performing discretionary functions from civil liability. The doctrine plays a role in the defense of civil rights lawsuits against federal law enforcement officials under the Bivens doctrine and against state and local police under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 (Section 1983). The doctrine is very favorable to
  15. Qualified immunity began in 1871 when Congress adopted 42 U.S.C. § 1983, which makes government employees and officials personally liable for money damages if they violate a person’s federal constitutional rights. State and local police officers may be sued under § 1983. Until the 1960s, few § 1983 lawsuits were successfully brought. In 1967, the Supreme Court recognized it as a defense to § 1983 claims. In 1982, the Supreme Court adopted the current test for the doctrine making it generally available if the law a government official violated isn’t “clearly established.” Qualified
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