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  1. so in regards to CPL holders being caregivers, theres no law/rules allowing or restricting it meaning its going to be up to the judge or officer?
  2. thanks for the vote of confidence. ill relay that back to him. i was thinking that his son is at an age of "knowing better" and that CPS wouldnt hold that against him when i know hes told him before to not tell his friends about the marihuana or mess with his stuff. his son, after being found with it even admitted he knew better and shouldnt have done it
  3. thanks for the reply! yeah hes more worried about what he has to do at a legal aspect to not get in trouble and get his shared custody taken
  4. so my brother just found out from his ex with whom he shares custody of a 15 year old boy with that his son took some of his medical marihuana from his personal stash. unsure of what he should do now because his ex can be a bit of a headache on things like this. his ex knows that he has a medical card but scared she may call CPS on him since his oldest son admitted it was his stuff. basically he is in panick mode and wants to disassemble and move his whole grow to his brother inlaw who can be his caregiver. tried telling my brother that it already happened so even moving the stuff, she already has what she needs against him so theres not much there. told him that he just need to lock it up and put it away from prying eyes his son texted my brother even saying he knew he shouldnt have done it and completely regrets it but like i told my brother kids will be kids wondering whats the best move for my brother
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