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    FlowerPower99 got a reaction from Wild Bill in Disgraced EX Judge Theresa Brennan DISBARRED   
    Bye Bye - How does it feel you feckless you know what.
    Not Done Yet - Spread The Good Word
    MLive article
    A former Livingston County judge who spent nearly six months in jail last year following a judicial scandal has now been disbarred.
    The Michigan Attorney Discipline Board, in a Feb. 24 order, disbarred Theresa Brennan effective March 18. The order comes after she was suspending in December 2019 from practicing law.
    She had served as a judge for about 14 years before being removed from the bench in June 2019 by the Michigan Supreme Court. Brennan served as a 53rd District Court judge.
    Investigators with the Judicial Tenure Commission said Brennan lied about a relationship with a State Police trooper, the lead detective in a double-murder case over which she presided.
    She also was accused of “failing to immediately recuse herself from hearing her own divorce case, tampering with evidence in her own divorce case and lying under oath,” according to a state Supreme Court summary of her case.
    In January 2020, Brennan was ordered to serve six months in jail after pleading guilty to felony perjury. She also was placed on 18 months of probation and ordered to complete 200 hours of community service.
    In the Feb. 24 order, Brennan consented that disbarment was an “applicable” penalty because of the guilty plea and her earlier removal from the bench. She also was ordered to pay $825 in costs.
    If it were you or me we would get years and thousands of dollars
    Oversight board disbars former Livingston County Judge Theresa Brennan (freep.com) 
    Judge Brennan Michigan - Bing video search
    Related: Ousted Judge Theresa Brennan gets 6 months in jail on perjury charge
    Related: Ousted judge Theresa Brennan to be released from jail early
    Allegations of judge's affair could lead to murder case being overturned (wxyz.com)
    Boo Hoo..........
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    FlowerPower99 got a reaction from Wild Bill in Michigan judges can’t stop medical marijuana use by probationers   
    Thank You Komorn Law - for the Court of Appeals win for Medical Marijuana patients on probation to use their medicine.  Now here come the other attorneys to ruin the MRTMA law stating that it's wording is the same.  I got $100 riding that some politician is being influenced right this second to modify the law to benefit no one but the state.  There will probably be attempts to modify the MMMA Act too.  The medical I assume will be phased out soon.
    I know your law firm has been fighting for the right's of patients and caregivers since the fight to get it passed began.  I know several people you have helped secure their freedom and have recommended you guys several times. 
    Keep up the good fight.  There are those that are going to try to manipulate the MMMP and MRTMA laws for their own personal greed and fear of competition.  I know you probably get caught in the middle. Press on but don't forget about the common person who always ends up getting ripped off.
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    FlowerPower99 reacted to Wild Bill in Forum Love   
    If you have the room to do it I would suggest you try growing your own. It saves you money and you always know where your meds came from and can be sure nothing harmful has been sprayed on it.
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    FlowerPower99 reacted to henry123 in Forum Love   
    Glad to be here and hope I'm welcome. I finally took care of business today and poof, I'm certified. Who would of thought this glorious day would ever come. I'm a 47 yo professional with cronic pains. Don't take the screen name to seriously, it just popped in my head for some strange reason.
    Anyhow, I'm glad to be here and looking to learn more as I go. I'm not new to the medicine, just new to the technology that has taken place and what progress and great varieties of health aids are out there.
    I went to my first dispensory today and wow. Never have I seen such a thing. How cool is that!!!! But, I am sure there are others and better. I just have to figure that out.
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    FlowerPower99 got a reaction from Kingdiamond in Patient opening available   
    Enter info into the database and if someone in the same general area as you signs up we will notify you.
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    FlowerPower99 got a reaction from blackhorse in Saving Patients and Caregivers - Struggle Continues   
    The new struggle for marijuana continues to keep it free from the money grubbing corporate vultures. 
    OPINION...Here come the money hungry corporations looking to steal away what a grassroots movement fought so hard for...for decades. 
    So many soldiers and victims of the war - for marijuana legalization, for using as medicine or for using recreational marijuana
    They have had their lives and families ruined by criminal records and many of them who are still sitting in prison.  Some did not live to see the day.
    Of course there are good and bad characters in everything - but the more good the less bad.
    These corporate vultures will be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing in newspapers, billboards, social media and more to brainwash you.  Wasted money.
    One such vulture is Jeff Radway, CEO of Green Peak Innovations and his PAID employees who had a rally calling on Governor Gretchen Whitmer and officials to enforce the state’s marijuana laws and end the sale of untested caregiver marijuana to dispensaries.
    One would wonder if those employees had a choice to be there or not?
    13 Million Dollars, 100 employees or so, One Talking Head vs 300,000 patients and caregivers - Hmmm
    Some will get it.  Some get that we need clean medical marijuana.
    But DO NOT ever try to take a patient's right to choose or caregiver's right to grow or the right to grow and gift.  That is what was voted for !  Not fo some corporate snake to come in and pull the rug out from under us and steal what so many have paid a high price for.
    After reading some opinions in parenthesis - go to the website and read more
    Here are some excerpts from an article from Mlive regarding a rally on Wednesday at the capitol building.
    "Enough is enough," said Jeff Radway, CEO of Green Peak Innovations, over boos and jeers from caregivers and patients protesting nearby. 
    Michigan's medical marijuana market is at a crossroads as regulators try to shift control away from caregivers and over to licensed businesses.
    ( Is that what the Michigan voters - voted for?  Were caregivers part of the act...see here MMMA.)
    As more than 100 employees of Green Peak and licensed grower High Life Farms gathered outside the Capitol Wednesday, they were confronted by about 20 protesters wearing shirts holding signs featuring Radway’s corporate photo alongside targeted messages including “greedy pig” and “Jeff Radway hates children & the elderly.”
    (Jeff may not hate children and the elderly but may love money more?)
    Green Peak has invested $13 million to launch its medical marijuana grow operation near Lansing in January, but is still competing with untested marijuana grown by caregivers.
    (LOL ---> See Michigan and Federal Control Substance List - Sounds like a long list of federal CCE, Conspiracy, Drug and more crimes are being committed.  Know anyone in prison for less?  Thank to the voters and your money you are protected)
    Green Peak has launched a full assault on the issue this week, buying full page ads in the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and Lansing State Journal; buying eight billboards around Lansing; starting a website, micleancannabis.org, and launching a change.org petition.
     “We believe medical marijuana should be clean and safe for the patients of Michigan. Beyond what we believe, we voted for it. This is the will of the people," Radway said. “We are calling on the governor, the legislature, the regulators and Judge Borrello: do the right thing and enforce the laws of the state of Michigan."
    ( Is that what (we) the Michigan voters - voted for and were caregivers part of the act...see the entire act here MMMA.)
    State Reps. Jim Lilly, R-Park Township, and Jason Sheppard, R-Temperance, spoke at the rally in support of the regulated market, and of a bill the House recently supported to set a compliance deadline of June 1.
    (Bad Choice - Everyone makes a few)
    “It’s important for patients to get this. It’s also important for us as a state to have something that can be followed, that’s a law, so that people are getting consistent care," Sheppard said. “It’s so important for us to continue the path forward; to allow this industry to grow and to make sure we’re being leaders in the nation on how we handle this.”
    Patients and caregivers are critical of licensed growers, and claim that they aren’t manufacturing CBD and THC tinctures and oils that patients need.
    Radway said data analytics indicate those products represent 1.5 percent of the market.
    “We have started with flower, we have started with distillate; we’re launching edibles next month, we’re launching vape carts -- we’re starting with the medicines the patients need most,” Radway said....
    Some of the protesters Wednesday included witnesses who appeared in court last week to testify for a provisioning center, the Curing Corner, in their suit against the state. Among them was Jerry Millen, owner of the Greenhouse provisioning center in Walled Lake.
    “This is a bogus rally; these are all paid employees. This is a phony complaint by them (Green Peak) because they’re not making money," Millen said. “The state’s top grower is the only one coming forward -- that says it all.”
    -- Amy Biolchini is the marijuana beat reporter for MLive. Contact her with questions, tips or comments at abiolch1@mlive.com. Read more from MLive about medical marijuana.
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    FlowerPower99 reacted to Wild Bill in Sativas & Indicas   
    OG Kush is sativa dominant.
    I understand the strain originated from crossing ChemDawg '91(sativa) to a Lemon Thai/Paki kush (sativa/indica).
    The OG Kush seed is from Reserva Privada and this pheno is classic indica, dark wide leaves on a compact plant. It already has that distinctive OG smell though.
     The Rukum is a landrace strain from Nepal, not a hybrid.
    It comes from the area of the world where many believe cannabis originated. I've been looking for an old fashioned sativa, the kind that makes you laugh until you shart, so I figured a wild landrace would be a good choice.
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