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  1. Ahh, ok. Thanks for the clarification. Thanks, filling it out today xD Ya, this Dr. office is the only resource I've been using. It sounded really good, too be to be true I guess xD. And I'm almost positive it's #4, although I was under the assumption that either: 1) They sell my overages to their other patients, offering more strains or whatever. 2) They sell my overages to dispensaries somehow. At some dispensaries and deliveries, I will sometimes see "Caregivers, we'll buy your overages". My CG seems legit, just inexperienced. I wasn't expecting
  2. Hello, new to the forum. I got my card a year ago and signed up with a caregiver through the Dr. office I got the card from about 7 months ago. I was told that I would get 1 ounce free per month and every ounce after that would cost $100 when I got the card. When I got around to signing up for a caregiver about 5 months later (7 months ago), they told me I would get 1/2 ounce free and every once after would cost $150. For the first few months, what I was getting was very low quality and smelled / tasted like chemicals. I was told that it was from a 3rd party until my requested plants were
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