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  1. Hello everybody This is Fedebis, 25, from Italy. I'm here because after years of creative and peaceful ganja smoking and a period of paranoia-mild depression, I bought a vaporizer and now feel like heaven as for my humor issues and on physical level since I stopped smoking and smoking with tobacco. I'm new here and I know nothing about strains and cultivation but I live in the countryside and I might be interested in future. The vaporizer I currently own is the AirVape X. Another reason why I'm here is I suffer form asthma, since I was born, and I sing. So knowing about the effects on my respiratory system would be very nice, I'm here to learn and contribute with my experience if possible. ❤ Recently I'm also suffering from tendinitis on my inner elbows due to overpracticing bass in bad posture. I hope you will show me the ways into the topics of my interest into this forum, I'm really glad such a place exists
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